Posted by: SB Websites | February 16, 2010

16/02/10 News Update

Arriva North East

DAF SB200 Ikarus Citi Bus 4079 T83 AUA has been painted in the new standard interurban livery. Arriva have acquired another Temsa Avenue which is registered YG59 BHP 4702. The Ashington and Hexham deal is to go ahead at an approximate date of 28/03/10. This means that Go North East shall operate Hexham except from Arriva express route 685 and Arriva shall operate the Ashington section.

Go North East

Dennis Dart Plaxton SPD registered X233 FBB 8233 has been painted in all over red, the reason for this is unknown. Possibilities include branding for route 15, or 88 and 89. Also rumours are about that, along with other co-operative liveried buses could get painted into the original red Northern livery. Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse 2 YG59 AZN 9162 has been noted demonstrating on Red Arrows route X3 whilst sister Wright Eclipse 2 BG59 FYB 9163 demonstrator has been noted on Centre Link service X66. Scania L94UB Wright Solar NL52 WVU 4963 has been painted into the new MetroLink colours and Volvo B7TL Wright Eclipse Gemini registered NKO5 GZP 3942 has been painted into a dark maroon/ purple livery this is thought to be part of the new X9 livery.

JSB Travel

JSB Travel seem to have acquired 2 Optare Solo SR’s which are privately registered SB10 BUS and R600 JSB.


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