Posted by: SB Websites | March 18, 2010

18/03/10 News Update

Arriva North East

Many Temsa Avenues are now in service with the latest batch now receiving 10 registrations. These are 4709 YJ10 DHC, 4710 YJ10 DHE and 4714 YJ10 DHK. Also arrived at Jesmond depot was VDL Pulsar 1433 NK10 CEJ which is also thought to be for Redcar. Scania L113 / East Lancs 261 N178 PUT is in service at Stockton following on from 265 N174 PUT. Withdrawn Scania L113DRB / East Lancs Cityzens 7386 N386 OTY, 7388 – 7391 N388 OTY – N391 OTY and 7393 N393 OTY have gone to Ensign.

Go North East

Plaxton Prestige’s 4983 R971 FNW and 4985 R975 FNW are also dark red for the new 28/28A livery. Another Metrolink base livery has been applied to Wright Solar 4966 NL52 WVX. Reinstated for use on service X23 (Bishop Auckland – Newcastle) is Plaxton Paragon 7080 Y808 MFT which is still in pink from use on service X9. Nine more Mercedes Citaros are due in the next few months for North Tyneside services.

Scarlet Band

Ex – Stagecoach East Scotland Leyland Olympian K719 ASC has been acquired. Optare Solos NX55 FFO and YJ55 YGN have gone to Velvet.

Tees Valley

Volvo B10B / Northern Counties Paladin K106 OHF has been acquired.

Weardale Motor Services

New this month is Volvo B12B / Jonckheere GO59 WMS.


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