Posted by: SB Websites | March 30, 2010

30/03/10 News Update

Arriva North East

Arriva have now taken over Go North East’s Ashington operations and their Ashington Depot. Numerous vehicle changes occured and these are what Arriva have acquired from Go North East:

  • DAF SB220 / Plaxton 4001 S868 ONL, 4002 S869 ONL, 4003 S870 ONL, 4004 S890 ONL, 4005 S891 ONL, 4006 S892 ONL and 4007 S893 ONL
  • Leyland Olympian / Alexander 7201 H481 PVW and 7202 H485 PVW
  • Leyland Olympian / Northern Counties 7203 G529 VBB, G546 VBB and G525 VBB
  • Volvo B10B / Alexander 4535 L209 KEF, 4536 L210 KEF, 4537 L211 KEF, 4538 L212 KEF and 4539 N950 TVK

These vehicles have been moved to Ashington from other Arriva North East Depots:

  • DAF SB220 / Plaxton 4049 S349 KHN
  • Dennis Dart 1688 J468 OP and 1698 M211 YKD
  • Ikarus Citi Bus 4108 L532 EHD
  • Volvo B10BLE / Wright 4504 V504 DFT
  • Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties 7366 R639 MNU

All ordered Temsa Avenues have now been delivered to Redcar while more VDL Pulsars have been delivered which includes 1435 to 1443.  The first of these are to be delivered to Redcar with the latest batch being for Stockton. Unusually 1438 NK10 CEX has been in service with Blyth but this is soon expected to move to Stockton. Also delivered at Stockton is Scania L113 / East Lancs 266 N432 XRC which is to replace similar 278 P278 VRG. Another unusual move is leather seated and X6 Branded Scania OmniCity 4664 NK07 FZG to Durham. This is presumed to receive the same allocation as the current OmniCitys which see use mainly on services X1, X2 and 43.

Go North East

Go North East have now taken over Arriva’s Hexham operations and services. Vehicles transferred from Arriva are:

  • Dennis / Plaxton MPD 620 V729 DNL, 621 V730 DNL, 622 V731 DNL, 623 V732 DNL and 634 V749 ECU
  • Volvo B10BLE / Wright 5144 – 5150 V530 – 6 GDS

Transferred from other Go North East depots are:

  • Dennis / Plaxton MPD 561 NK53 TLF and 562 NK53 TLJ
  • Dennis / Plaxton SPD 8239 NK51 MKN

DAF SB220 / Plaxton 4862 – 7 S862 – 7 ONL are now at Winlaton while MPD 518 NK51 MJY is at Percy Main. Wright Cadet 8242 NA52 BUU is now dark red, previously in Centurion Livery.


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