Posted by: SB Websites | May 16, 2010

16/05/10 News Update

Arriva North East

As reported earlier, VDL Pulsar’s 1448 NK10 CFN and 1449 NK10 CFO that were loaned Durham have returned to Stockton. Plaxton Prima 1206 V206 DJR has moved to Ashington as an extra for service 685 while 1207 V207 DJR, 1208 V208 DJR and 1209 V209 DJR have been placed into reserve pending the change of service X66 to coaches.

Go North East

Dennis Dart / Plaxton 8234 NK51 MKF and 8235 NK 51 MKG have been repainted all over Red, thought to be the further buses heading into Northern livery. Further Wright Cadets have been painted into Crusader maroon being 8252 NA52 BVJ, 8253 NK04 FOP and 8254 NK04 FOT. Services M2/M3 are to be changed to  the Washington Street Shuttle brand with M3 being withdrawn to Chester-le-Street. The current Mini-pointer darts are to remain on the service.

Alba Travel

After winning a contract for the Hadrian’s Wall Country Bus brand new Optare Solo SRs YJ10 EZA and YJ10 EZZ have been purchased.


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