Posted by: SB Websites | June 17, 2010

17/06/10 News Update

Arriva North East

The final VDL Pulsars delivered to Stockton are 1458 NK10 CGG, 1459 NK10 CGO and 1460 NK10 CGU. Scania OmniCity repaints at Whitby are now 4648 NK05 GXB, 4649 NK05 GXC  4650 NK05 GXD and 4653 NK05 GXG. Also of note is the possible change of depots to OmniCitys 4654 NK05 GXH and 4656 NK05 GXL as they have not been seen around Durham in the last few weeks. Although the following information is now slightly out of date due to a lack of updates, here are the buses moved withdrawn after the Northumbria changes: In general Jubilee buses moved to Ashington although Leyland Olympians 7201 H481 PVW and 7202 H485 PWV moved to Jesmond. Also odd was DAF / Plaxton Prestiges 4001, 4002, 4003, 4004, 4005 and 4049 moving to Blyth along with Ikarus 4108 L532 EHD. Dennis MPDs 1709, 1715, 1723 and 1799 moved to Jesmond while withdrawals were to Mercedes Varios  2647, 2648, 2649, 2653, 2657, 2660, 2661, 2662, 2663 and 2664.

Go North East

Quaylink services Q1 and Q2 will be taken over by Go North East after the 18th July. The current Designline Olymbuses will be withdrawn and replaced by 9 new Optare Versas with enhanced Euro 5 engines. All Wright Solars allocated to MetroLINK have been painted in a new smart livery running every 10 minutes. Further Metrobus Volvo Olympians are now in service at Stanley being 3984 P821 SGP, 3985 P822 SGP, 3986 P826 SGP and 3987 P827 SGP. Many yellow repaints have also taken place in the last few weeks being all refurbished ex – Arriva MPDs. Sole Bluebird LMB 612 NK53 TJV has also been painted yellow and has been re-instated at Washington. Prince Bishops route 20 is the first to receive the new “Key” machine, replacing the “Buzz Fare” machine.

Stagecoach North East

After the 18th July Stagecoach will lose their Quaylink Q1 and Q2 contracts. (See Go North East heading for more information)

Tees Valley

Mercedes 709 / Alexander N201 LFV has been acquired for the 516 Guisbrough Town Service. Listed for disposal is Volvo B10 B L509 TKA.


Acquired is Iveco 130E18 SA02 UMU.

Scarlet Band

Solos repainted into new fleet livery are NX55 FFR, YJ55 YGG and YJ55 YGL leaving YJ55 YGM and YJ55YGO in white.


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