Posted by: SB Websites | July 20, 2010

20/07/10 News Update

Arriva North East

Wright Gemini 2’s 7601 NK59 DLO and 7602 NK59 DLU have been painted in light red pending the application of “Quorum Express” branding. More VDL / Wright Pulsars have been branded with the 9 having 1441 NK10 CFD, 1442 NK10 CFE and 1443 NK10 CFG. Service 27/27a have 1444 NK10 CFG, 1445 NK10 CFJ, 1446 NK10 CFL, 1447 NK10 CFL, 1448 NK10 NK10 CFN and 1449 NK10 CFO while the 29/29a has 1451 NK10 CFU. Recent acquisitions of Scania L113 / East Lancs are 267 N179 PUT and 263 N171 PUT which are both based at Durham. Of note, 267 is currently under repair and has not yet entered service. The first of many Alexander Dennis Mini Pointer Darts to return after refurbishment is 1739 V739 DNL which also has new upholstery.

Go North East

The QuayLink contract was Go North East’s on the 18th July with Dennis Dart Caetano Nimbuses leased from Dawsons Rentals providing the service. These are noted to be 9152 HV52 WTG, 9153 KU02 YBF, 9154 KU02 YBD, 9155 KM51 BFP, 9156 KM51 BFY, 9157 KM51 BFV, 9158 KM51 BEO, 9159 KU02 YBA, 1960 HV52 WTA amd 1961 HV52 WTK. Volvo B10BLEs transferred from Oxford are all now in service pending “Blaydon Racers” branding. On driver familiarisation is Wright Gemini 2 which has a dealer registration of 565 BK so it is not yet known if this will enter service.

Stagecoach North East

With the QuayLink contract over the 10 Designline Olymbuses are currently out of service although Stagecoach plans to keep them in the North East.


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