Posted by: SB Websites | August 11, 2010

11/08/10 News Update

Arriva North East

Arriva have now begun to operate the X66 with an improved frequency of every 20 minutes. Eventually the X66 is to use refurbished DAF SB300 / Plaxton Prima’s but as 1207 V207 DJR and 1214 V214 DJR have gone to Blackburn and neither have returned they are using unrefurbished Coaches instead. So Darlington now have  1208 V208 DJR and 1209 V209 DJR from Redcar and have 1213 V213 DJR from Ashington with Darlington giving Ashington 7443 Y693 EBR in exchange. The above coaches should be going for refurbishment soon. Durham now has VDL SB200 / Plaxton Centro 02 YJ58 FFB and 04 YJ58 FFC as official summer loans and 01 YJ58 FFA also joining Durham as a loan to allow Durham to loan DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4065  S707 KFT to Darlington. Further summer loans also include 4073 S715 KRG at Darlington and Stockton now having MAN 11:180 Optare Vecta 1526 L526 FHN but then being withdrawn along with 1527 L527 FHN 1528 L258 FHN 1529 L529 FHN 1530 L530 FHN 1531 L531 FHN 1532 L532 FHN and 1533 L533 FHN. With 1526 being withdrawn Stockton now have the final Optare Prisma 3019 N519 XVN which clings on to life this summer. Due to noise congestion at night at Durham Depot some vehicles have moved from Durham to Belmont including all VDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar’s 1419 NK09 EJJ 1420 NK09 EJL 1421 NK09 EJV 1422 NK09 EJX and 1423 NK09 EJY, Dennis Dart SLF 1637 S367 KHN and Dennis Dart / Plaxton 1696 M186 YKA. VDL SB200 / Wright Commanders 1401 NK53 HHX 1402 NK53 HHY and 1403 NK53 HHZ have moved form Blyth to Jesmond for Volvo B10BLE / Wright Cadets 4519 W295 PPT 4520 W296 PPT and 4521 W297 PPT. VDL DB300 / Wright Gemini 2 7601 NK59 DLO is now wearing the livery branded “Quorom Express” and 7603 NK59 DLV is now wearing the pinky-red base colour. Also Mini Pointer Darts 1736 V736 DNL 1737 V737 DNL 1738 V738 DNL are all back at Redcar from refurbishment with 1734 V734 DNL  back from fire damage and being repainted and at Stockton in place of 1713 V713 DNL which is now reserve. 4664 NK07 FZG has lost it’s X6 branding and now in interruban livery still with it’s comfy leather seats and still working at Durham, and also 4648 NK05 GXC is working at Durham in interurban livery from Redcar.

Go North East

Optare Versa’s are now being used on the QuayLink service after a press release on the 10th August with them replacing the Dennis Dart / Caeteno’s during the day. The Versa’s are 8310 NK10 GNY 8311 NK10 GNZ 8312 NK10 GOA 8313 NK10 GOC 8314 NK10 GOE 8315 NK10 GOH 8316 NK10 GOJ 8317 NK10 GOP and 8318 NK10 GOU. The Versa’s are Euro 5 EEV engines which is more reliable than pure Electric, they are also fitted with live route destination screens inside to tell you what the next stop is and they are all named. New Mercedes Citaro’s have arrived with them being 5328 BJ10 VUN 5329 BJ10 VUO 5330 BJ10 VUP 5331 BJ10 VUR 5332 BJ10 VUS 5333 BJ10 VUT 5334 BJ10 VUU 5335 BJ10 VUV and 5336 BJ10 VUW. These are for the new 10 service which will run to Hexham repalcing route 602. Volvo B10BLE / Wright Cadets 5152 T802 CBW 5154 T804 CBW 5155 T805 CBW 5157 T807 CBW and 5158 T808 CBW are now in service in yellow ready for Blaydon Racers branding. Volvo B7RLE / Wright Solar’s 4978  NK54 NUH and 4979 NK54 NUJ are on loan to allow ex-Arriva Volvo B10BLE / Wright Cadet’s 5147 V533 GDS and 5150 V536 GDS  to get refurbished. MPD 534 NA52 AWW is now at Winlaton and painted yellow and Leyland Olympian / Northern Counties 3953 G522 VBB and 3958 G549 VBB are withdrawn.

Glen Valley

Glen Valley now have Volvo B10M / Jonkheere MV53ENE.

Lees Coaches

Volvo B10M / Jonkheere M13CJT is in stock.

Low Fell Coaches

Leyland Olympian / ECW B763GSC is now in stock.

Phoneix Coaches

Phoneix now have Toyota Coaster / Caetano FH06AJY.


Have now purchased MAN / Fast Starter YN10FNV.

Tees Valley Coach Travel

For a short period time they had ownership of ex-Stagecoach North West Mercedes 709 / Alexander N118 YHH. Also Dennis Dorchester / Alexander D218NCS has been sold.


Veolia have now acquired MX57 UPM and MX57 UPJ as well as the Cathedral Bus service after Weardale short term lease expired.

Weardale Motor Services

Weardale have now acquired ex-Metroline Dennis Trident / Plaxton President’s PJ02 RHF and PN03UMF. With the short term contract of the Cathedral Bus now ran out, Veolia now operates this service.


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