Posted by: SB Websites | September 21, 2010

21/09/10 News Update

Arriva North East

Plaxton Centro 0002 is now working as Reserve for Belmont and Durham, previously in the main operating fleet while 0004 has now moved to Darlington, again as a reserve. Joining the recently acquired Olympians at Ashington are similar S646 KJU and S647 KJU which were not previously thought to be staying and are still un-numbered.

Go North East

A number of movements have occurred this week with the delivery of new vehicles as reported by the Go North East website which are as follows: 8219 and 8220 Driver Training to Gateshead, 3906 Winlaton to Gateshead, 8170 Gateshead to Chester le Street, 4824,  8221 and 8231 Winlaton to Chester le Street, 8229 Winlaton to Stanley, 4867 Winlaton to Hexham 5149,  returned to service at Winlaton, 4979 Hexham to Winlaton, 8175, 8282 and 8283 Percy Main to Chester le Street 8226, 8228 and 8230 in service at Stanley, 3930 Stanley to Percy Main, 3931 Stanley to Deptford, 3938 Chester le Street to Deptford, 8159 withdrawn from Deptford,8281 Deptford to Chester le Street. The biggest move of al saw Darts 8158, 8160, 8161, 8162, 8163, 8164 and 8165 withdrawn from Chester le Street. Dennis MPD 520 NK51 MKC is now white while all Blaydon Racers SPDs have had their branding removed.

Stagecoach North East

Designline Olymbuses are now designated to service 18 starting on the 21st of September. The vehicles are currently still in all over Yellow from their previous operation on the Quaylink.

Tees Valley Coach Travel

A recent acquisition are Plaxton / Dennis Dart SLF P902 CTO and P909 CTO which have entered service. Also acquired are Leyland Olympians / ECW C122 CHM and D126 FYM, Volvo Olympian / East Lancs M694 HPF and M698 HPF, Leyland Olympian / Alexander L648 MYG and Optare Solo S289 NRB.

Weardale Motor Services

Man Meridian OU09 EAW has been re-registered W6 WMS.

A – Line

Optare Excel R29 MFM is now in service.


The first of 3 Optare Solo EVs has arrived to operate the Durham Cathedral Bus registered YJ60 KFK.


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