Posted by: SB Websites | October 5, 2010

05/10/10 News Update

Arriva North East

Plaxton Centros 0002 YJ58 FFB, 0003 YJ58 FFG and 0004 YJ58 FFC are now working for Darlington to cover for coach refurbishment although there are generally two appearing on the 8A with one X66 diagram Centro Operated. Also at Darlington is Plaxton Prima 1214 V214 DJR which has returned following refurbishment.

Go North East

The new, extremely plain Yellow Venture livery has now been applied to Dennis Mini Pointer Darts 486 V186 ERG, 518 NK51 MJY, 545 NA52 AXK and 546 NA52 AXM. Red Repaints this week are of Alexander Dennis ALX300 4993 S590 KJF and Wright Renown 4910 W491 SCU while all Cobalt Clipper branded Scania OmniCity’s have been de-branded. A new outstation has now opened at Consett with 12 MPDs reported to be transferred according to the Go North East website. Volvo Olympians / East Lancs Pyoneers 3944 R469 RRA, 3945 R470 RRA and 3946 R477 RRA have moved to Chester le Street along with Dennis Dart SLF Cateano Compass 8280 T427 LGP. This has therefore allowed Volvo B10BLEs / Wright Renowns 4897 V987 ETN, 4898 V988 ETN and 4899 V989 ETN to move to Stanley along with Volvo Olympian 3909 R267 LGH. Leyland Olympian 3952 H550 PVW has now been withdrawn.

Stagecoach North East

Service 18 is now designated for Designline Olymbuses which are operating on the route although on many days cover vehicles (Usually B10Ms) are making appearances. Of note all passengers are asked to alight from the front door with the centre door only being used when customers in Wheelchairs are boarding / alighting at Wheelchair accessible stops.


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