Posted by: SB Websites | October 30, 2010

30/10/10 News Update

Arriva North East

Further Scania OmniCitys have now received Seasider branding being 4649 NK05 GXC, 4650 NK05 GXD and 4655 NK05 GXJ. Repaints see a further DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige into interurban being 4056 S356 KHN as well as Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 1635 S635 KHN. In Northumbria, Wright Gemini 2 7604 NK59 DLX has been painted all over red in preperation for Quorum Express branding.

Go North East

Wright Eclipse Geminis 3941 NK05 GZO, 3942 NK05 GZP, 3943 NK05 GZR, 3962 NK06 JXE, 3963 NK06 JXD, 3964 NK06 JXC and 3965 NK06 JXB have all recieved simplistic “Tyne Tees Expess X9 X10” branding.  Scania OmniCity 5273 NK56 KKJ has been painted inot a revised version of the West Durham Swift branding which includes the removal of stripes while Dennis Trident / Lolyne 3876 W186 SCU and Dennis Dart / Plaxton Pointer 8238 NK51 MKM have been painted all over red pending Northern vinyls. Various vehicles are now being repainted green, this weeek being Dennis Mini Pointer Dart 517 NK51 MJX with the reason currently unknown.

Stagecoach North East

Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 27510 NK05 JXJ is the second to be painted into the new 100 livery.



  1. MPD 517 is green for the forthcoming North Tyne Links, which replaces the current Wallsend Links as well as most of current Centurion services 85/86. The North Tyne Links will include services 40, 41, 80, 85 and 86.
    517 can be seen here:

    Also VDL Cadets 8258/9 (NK04FPC/D) are now repainted dark green for the Drifter after the withdrawal of DAF Cadets 8274/5 (Y291/2HUA). These two as well as VDL Cadets 8256/7 (NK04FOV/FPA) have been sold to Go South Coast in return for two Mercedes Citaros from Southern Vectis, which arrived in the North East on 9-11-10. These will be repainted silver for the Cobalt Clipper.
    8258 can be seen here:

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment, it all makes sense now I just never thought about the North Tyne Links needing more vehicles than the Wallsend links currently need.

      North East Bus News

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