Posted by: SB Websites | November 15, 2010

15/11/10 News Update

Go North East

Many allocation changes have taken place this week (information from GNE Website) being Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown 4910 W491 SCU, similar 4912 X912 WGR and VDL SB120 / 8260 NK04 FPE to Winlaton, Dennis SPD / Plaxton 8225 X822 FBB to Gateshead while similar 8222 V822 ERG and 8223 X223FBB to Percy Main, Dennis MPD / Transbus 534 NA52 AWW to Consett, Alesander Dennis MPD 618 NK55 RUV to Saltmeadows, Dennis MPD / Transbus 555 NK53 TLU to Hexham and Dennis SPD / Plaxton 8224  X224 FBB to Deptford. One week later Dennis MPD / Transbus 515 NK51 MJU and 516 NK51 MJV had transferred to Washington while similar 533 NA52 AWV moved to Consett. More Toon Links branding has been applied being Vovlo B10BLE / Wright 5145 V531 GDS, 5146 V532 GDS, 5147 V533 GDS, 5148 V534 GDS, 5149 V535 GDS and 5150 V536 GDS. As well as this are further Tynedale Links branding are on Dennis MPD / Transbus 559 NK53 TKY, 560 NK53 TKZ and 562 NK53 TLJ with Blaydon Racers branding applied to Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown 5151 T801 CBW, 5152 T802 CBW, 5153 T803 CBW, 5154 T804 CBW, 5156 T806 CBW, 5157 T807 CBW, 5158 T808 CBW, 5159 T809 CBW and 5160 T810 CBW. Also new is revised Cobalt Clipper branding currently applied to Mercedes Citaros 5331 BJ10 VUR, 5334 BJ10 VUU, 5335 BJ10 VUV, 5336 BJ10 VUW and Scania OmniCitys 5254 NK56 KJA, 5257 NK56 KJJ and 5258 NK56 KJN. Dennis Trident / Lolyne’s 3873 W183 SCU and 3874 W184 SCU are now both red though as per most other red repaints they have not yet received “Northern” logos. This week also sees significant withdrawls being Dennis MPD /Plaxton 609 W769 URP, 610 KV51 KZL and 611 KV51 KZK, Bluebird LMD 612 NK53 TJV, Dennis SPD / Plaxton 8167 S367 ONL and 8171 S371 ONL and Leyland Olympians 3950 G183 WGX, 3951 H551 PVW, 3952 H550 PWV, 3953 G522 VBB, 3955 G528 VBB, 3957 G548 VBB and 3958 G549 VBB. Also transferred away from the fleet are DAF /Wright Cadets 8274 Y291 HUA and 8275 Y292 HUA which have gone to Go South Coast while Mercedes Citaros 5337 HF06 FUA and 5338 HF06 FUB which are for Percy Main and are in Cobalt Clipper Livery.


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