Posted by: SB Websites | January 3, 2011

03/01/11 News Update

Arriva North East

Optare Solo 2505 Y296 PDN has been re-painted into new livery. The last remaining Optare Prisma (3007 N807 XHN) has moved again to Redcar after its period of operation at Durham with Scania / East Lancs 282 N282 NCN withdrawn. VDL / Wright Gemini 7607 NK59 DME is another in Quorum Express livery.

Go North East

Wright Renown 4912 X912 WGR has now received revised Highwayman branding. Dennis Dart SPDs 8159 S359 ONL, 8160 S360 ONL and 8162 S362 ONL have temporarily returned to service at Hexham, Winlaton and Gateshead respectively to provide reserve work while Dennis MPDs 609 W769 URP, 610 KV51 KZL and 611 KV51 KZK have returned to their lessors. Soon after being re-registered Plaxton Paragons 7085 Y785 MFT, 7086 NA52 RNE, 7088 NJ53 AAF and 7089 NA53 AAE have transferred to Go South Coast with recent repaints being of Scaia OmniCity 5252  NK56 KHY into Coaster Cream, Dennis Dart SPDs 8208 V208 ERG, 8209 V209 ERG and 8218 V218 ERG are now in standard Northern Livery. Currently on demonstration is Mercedes Benz Citaro G MAL98 BD57 WDC from London General which is being tested for suitability on services 56 and 58. Scania Solar  4926 Y926 ERG has gone to Thorntons of Ashington for refurbishment, which is now expected to be for service 50 with a further batch of Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renowns to take their place in around 1 or 2 months time.

Stagecoach North East

The four reinstated Designline Olymbuses on service 18 have once again been withdrawn and replaced by Volvo B10M / Northern Counties 20273 M273 KRH, 20291 M401 SPY and 20296 M406 SPY alongside Volvo B10M / Alexander 20838 P838 GND.  Other Volvo B10M / Alexanders reinstated are 20135 P135 XCN and 20550 P550 ESA at Stockton and 20551 P551 ESA at South Shields. Displaced into reserve usage are Volvo B10M / Alexander 20840 P840 GND at South Shields and  Volvo Olympian / Alexander 16701 N701 LTN and 16702 N702 LTN at Stockton.


National Express contracts have been won from Go North East with Caetano Levante’s ordered for this.

Scarlet Band

Acquired are  Mercedes-Benz 709 / Alexander M162 LNC and P419 HNF.


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