Posted by: SB Websites | January 31, 2011

31/01/11 News Update

Arriva North East

Plaxton Centro / VDL SB220 0004 YJ58 FFC has been transferred to Blyth while 4 Plaxton Centro / VDL SB120s are expected to be loaned from Arriva Scotland West for Ashington depot. DAF DB250 / Northern Counties 7447 R204 CKO is currently on loan to Jesmond while Scania N113 / East Lancs 7260 M170 GRY is on loan to Ashington from Belmont/Durham.









Go North East

Scania / Wright Solars 4928 Y928 ERG,  4929 Y929 ERG and 4931 Y931 ERG have returned from refurbishment, completing the 6 although none have yet transferred to Chester-le-Street. Many movements have occurred this week (information from GNE Website) including Volvo Olympian 3931 R390 LGH and Dennis SPD 8167 S937 ONL moving from Deptford to Stanley, Dennis SPDs 8168 S368 ONL and 8169 S369 ONL from Washington to Stanley, Dennis SPDs 8226 X226 FBB, 8227 X227 FBB, 8229 X229 FBB and 8230 X823 FBB from Stanley to Saltmeadows, Dennis MPDs 564 NK53 TLO and 565 NK53 TLU from Saltmeadows to Washington, Dennis MPDs 571 NK53 TMV and 572 NK53 TMX from Saltmeadows to Deptford, Dennis Dart SLF / Cateano Compass 8279 T426 LLP from Percy Main and Dennis SPD 8289 Y558 KUX from Deptford to Stanley and Dennis SPD 8218 V219 ERG from Winlaton to Washington completing the moves. These moves are mainly caused by the conversion of service 16 from MPDs to SPDs. VDL Pulsar / SB220 YJ59 AZN has returned to Arriva Bus and Coach. Wright Gemini 3941 NK05 GZO is currently being trialled with Wi-Fi, coincidentally it currently advertises BT broadband.









Stagecoach North East

Many more Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 have entered service being 19673 NK60 DNU, 19674 NK60 DNY, 19675 NK60 DOA, 19676 NK60 DOH, 19677 NK60 DOJ and 19678 NK60 DOU. Further MAN / ALX300s transferred to Stockton are 22013 NK03 XJC, 22017 NK03 XJG amd 22020 NK03 XJL with many more expected to transfer soon.


Newly acquired is YX09 HZB from Veolia Midlands.


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