Posted by: SB Websites | February 19, 2011

19/02/11 News Update

Arriva North East

VDL SB200 / Wright Commander 1402 NK53 HHY has been painted into new livery while Ashington now have a third VDL SB120 / Plaxton Cenro being 1959 YJ07 JSZ which is currently under repair though will only see usage if available vehicles in Ashington drop. Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine 7419 P419 CCU and Volvo Olympian / East Lancs 7421 M685 HPF have been withdrawn while Dennis Dart 1696 M186 YKA has continued its frequent moves as it is now at Jesmond. Also in Nothumbria are service changes coming on the 27th March with many minor changes, over in Teeside Scania OmniCity 4662 Nk07 FZE is now in new livery, so presumably the X6 branding is now discontinued. Darlington has gained a further Alexander Dennis MPD, 1750 W751 SBR which still carries Newcastle Park and Ride branding although another Optare Solo has not yet gone to Jesmond.

Go North East

Repaints have been on a large-scale this week with Dennis MPDs 515 NK51 MJU and 516 NK51 MJV  being painted all over yellow and Dennis SPDs 8206 V206 ERG,  8215 V215 ERG, 8216 V216 ERG, 8232 X232 FBB and 8241 NK51 MKP are in Northern red. The final Scania / Wright Solar has now returned from refurbishment, 4931 Y931 ERG though they are now not expected to transfer to Chester-le-Street until early Summer. VDL SB120 / Wright Cadet 8270 NK54 NKX has had Route 19 branding removed and is now in all over white.

Stagecoach North East

The final three Enviro 400s to enter service are 19681 NK60 DPN, 19682 NK60 DPO and 19683 NK60 DPU. It is understood that Enviro 300s are on order for South Shields, though the amount is not yet known as it is alongside the Merseyside order and may just be two or three.










Tees Valley Coach Travel

New here is Dennis SPD V385 JWK and Alexander Dennis ALX200 / Volvo B6BLE P352 JND.

Tees Valley Stagecarriage

Various vehicles have recently left the fleet being Leyland Olympian / Alexander K725 ASC, Volvo B10B / Northern Counties K106 OHF, Volvo B10M / Alexander L307 PSC and Neoplan Skyliner RIB 4313.


A second Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 to arrive is YN09 HZC.

Weardale Motor Services

Optare Solo MX07 JNZ has been acquired and Plaxton Panther YN60 BVS has been bought new.



  1. Go North East

    S370 ONL and S375 ONL have been transfered to Percy Main from Chester le Street

    X501 WRG, X502 WRG and X503 WRG have been repainted yellow

    X504 WRG,X595 FBB and X506 WRG have been repainted green and branded north tyne links

    NK51 MKM, NK51 MKN, NK51 MKO and NK51 MKP have been transfered to percy main in exchange for NK54 NKT, NK54 NKU, NK54 NKW and NK51 NKX and route 19 brandings should be put on the SPD’S soon

    Also Cobalt liverys have been put on 4911 and key brandings have been put on 4923 and 4993

    MetroCentre liverys have been put on 4983

    • Hi, thanks for the news, it will be included in the next update which should be some time tonight.

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