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23/03/11 News Update

Arriva North East

Alexander Dennis MPD 1792 NK55 MYT has been painted partly into new livery as it has gained a dark blue skirt but retains the rest of its original livery while DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4002 S869 ONL has been fully repainted. Similar 4007 S893 ONL has returned to service and has moved to Stockton in exchange for  Alexander Dennis MPD 1754 W756 SBR.  Transferred to Belmont is MPD 1707 V707 DNL and 1723 V723 DNL  while Durham has gained similar 1709 V709 DNL and 1752 W753 SBR in exchange for Optare Solos 2801 YK08 ERO, 2802 YK08 ERU and 2816 YK08 ETO to Jesmond and 2815 YK08 ETL to Ashington. Volvo B10BLE / Alexander Dennis ALX300 4523 W299 PPT has transferred from Jesmond to Ashington while Mercedes Vario / Alexander Dennis ALX100 2652 X652 WTN and 2655 X656 WTN have been withdrawn along with Optare Metrorider 919 R919 JNL, 2710 R710 MHN and 2711 R711 MHN  while DAF DB250 / East Lancs Lowlander 7444 Y694 EBR is out of use long-term. DAF SB200 / Plaxton Prestige 4027 R427 RPY is also out of service after accident damage. Some of the transferred Optare Solos to Northumbria are to receive a red and silver Nexus livery with Nexus “Buses” logo, 2821 YK08 ETX being the first and 2824 YJ08 XBD in base livery.

Go North East

New service 1X  has commenced with Dennis SPDs 8162 S362 ONL, 8170 S370 ONL and S375 ONL, of  which some carry a small 1X Logo on the centre window alongside a variety of current Dennis Dart SLF / Caetano Compass. Plaxton Presidents on loan to work Metro Replacements are 9110 V310 LGC, 9111 V311 LGC, 9113 V313 LGC, 9114 V314 LGC, 9115 V315 LGC, 9116 V816 KGF, 9118 V218 LGC, 9121 V921 KGF, 9122 V322 LGC, 9123 V923 KGF, 9124 V324 LGC, 9125 V325 LGC, 9126 V326 LGC, 9127 V327 LGC, 9128 V228 LGC, 9129 V329 LGC, 9131 V331 LGC, 9132 V332 LGC, 9133 V333 LGC, 9134 V334 LGC, 9135 V335 LGC and 9136 V336 LGC. Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renowns repainted are 4905 W905 RBB and 4921 X921 WGR into Northern while Scania L94UB / Wright Solar now has Metrocentre vinlys on top of its white paintwork. Dennis MPD 620 V729 DNL have been re-instated at Deptford, 607 W928 PTS, 608 W869 YNB and 623 V732 DNL at Chester le Street and Peterlee East Durham MPD 498 V198 ERG has been refurbished. Various vehicles have been sold with Dennis SPD 8165 S365 ONL moving to JP Travel while Bluebird LMD 612 NK53 TJV and Leyland Olympian 3949 H589 EGU to Geoff Ripley of Barnsley.

















Stagecoach North East

Delivery of the South Shields Alexander Dennis Enviro 300’s have commenced with 27723 NK11 BFJ, 27724 NK11 BFL, 27725 NK11 BFM and 27726 NK11 BFN. It has been announced that 19 Enviro 200’s will be delivered to Walkergate later in the year along with the 26 Enviro 400H which are still awaited.

Phoenix Coaches

Bought new is Optare Solo YJ60 KFP.

Tees Valley Coach Travel

Acquired are Volvo B10M / Vanhool Alizee WTL 642 and KLZ 3471 and Volvo B10M / Jonckherre RUI 3662.



  1. I thought that the v07 dnl and v723 dnl and w753 sbr and w756 sbr have moved to ashington bu 1707 v707 dnl is broken due to a series of faults with the engine.

    • I’d imagine they will have moved on since then as this post is from over a year ago, but was correct at the time of writing.


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