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01/04/11 News Update

Arriva North East

Nexus “Buses” livery is continuing to appear on ex Durham County Optare Solos with 280 1 YK08 ERO, 2802 YK08 ERU and 2824 YJ08 XBD in full livery. Dennis Dart / Northern Counties 1628 N474 MUS has entered service at Redcar, but may only remain in service temporarily until the delivery of new VDL SB220 / Wright Pulsars later in the year. Dennis Dart  /Alexander Dash 1675 P616 PGP has moved to Darlington to replace similar 1684 P461 EFF which is currently off the road, though is not confirmed to be withdrawn. Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties 7363 R640 MNU has returned to service at Darlington.

Go North East

Various vehicles have had Northern logos removed in place of “The Key” brand which will be used alongside Northern liveried vehicles on non branded routes and for spares. These include Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown 4923 X923 WGR, DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4985 S895 ONL, Volvo B10BLE / Alexander Dennis ALX300 4993 S590 KJF and Dennis SPD 8232 X232 FBB. Dennis MPDs 504 X504 WRG and 506 W506 WRG are in North Tyne Links livery but 502 X502 WRG has gained all over yellow. Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown 4911 W411 SCU is in a white version of Cobalt Clipper livery while Dennis SPDs 8240 NK51 MKO and 8241 NK51 MKP are in a new Red Route19 livery . VDL SB120 / Wright Cadets 8267 NK54 NKT, 8268 NK54 NKU, 8269 NK54 NKW and 8270 NK54 NKX have transferred to Deptford in exchange for the above Dennis SPDs and 8238 NK51 MKM and 8239 NK51 MKN. Three unidentified ex London Plaxton Presidents that have been with GNE on Metro Replacement Service 900 have been refurbished and transferred to Plymouth Citybus while the first of the Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s to enter the country is NK11 BHE.









Stagecoach North East

The first of the South Shields Alexander Dennis Enviro 300’s are starting to enter service on routes E1, E2 and E6 with 27723 NK11 BFJ. Alexander Dennis Enviro400 19151  NK07 HBL is currently out of service after a huge engine fire near in Killingworth.

Leven Valley

A surprising addition to the fleet is Alexander Dennis MPD SN05 HDF, making this the oldest vehicle in the entire fleet.

Phoenix Coaches

Optare Solo MV07 EXU is in Nexus “Buses” livery.



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