Posted by: SB Websites | April 15, 2011

15/04/11 News Update

Arriva North East

Stockton’s Scania OmniCity 4661 NK07 FZD has been painted into new livery while DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4030 R430 RPY has returned to service after an engine fire. Withdrawn is Scania L113 / East Lancs 279 P279 VRG which has had its position replaced by Scania L113 / Northern Counties 269 R422 TJW delivered last week. A major crash has taken place in Darlington involving DAF Sb3000 / Plaxton Prima 1214 V214 DJR due to an engine failure, which scraped Optare Solo 2832 YJ08 XBN and ran a short distance along the high street, full details can be found at the Northern Echo.

Go North East

Further Volvo B9TL / Wright Geminis to be delivered are 6003 NK11 BHD, 6004 NK11 BHE, 6005 NK11 BHF and 6006 NK11 BHJ leaving just 6007 NK11 BHL outstanding.  A selection of the Plaxton Presidents used on Metro Replacements are to be retained afterwards, although at the minute they are still required on a shortened 900 and have been distributed to various depots. The allocation of the vehicles are as follows; Chester le Street have 9110 V310 LGC, 9111 V311 LGC and 9113 V313 LGC, Stanley 9114 V314 LGC and 9115 V315 LGC, Percy Main has just one being 9121 V921 KGF, Deptford 9122 V322 LGC, 9123 V923 KGF and 9124 V324 LGC and Gateshead have 9134 V334 LGC and 9135 V335 LGC leaving the remaining 12 vehicles in store. They are soon expected to be transferring to a permenent home with Plymouth City Bus. Dennis MPD 501 X501 WRG has transferred to Deptford and Dennis SPDs 8163 S633 ONL, 8164 S634 ONL and 8174 S374 ONL have all been sold to JP Travel.

Stagecoach North East

Volvo B10BLE / Northern Counties 21101 P601 JBU has transferred to Walkergate with 21102 P602 JBU, 21103 P603 JBU, 21104 P604 JBU and 21105 P605 JBU all expected to follow soon in order to convert service 18 to low floor operation. A selection of South Shields new Alexander Dennis Enviro 300s are to receive beach themed branding with the first to be applied is 27731 NK11 BFX. The delivery of these vehicles has continued with 27728 NK11 BFP, 27729 NK11 BFU, 27730 NK11 BFV and 27731 NK11 BFX.  Volvo B10BLE / Alexander Dennis ALX300 21154 R254 KRG has been involved in an accident at Sunderland, information can be found on the Sunderland Echo.

Tees Valley

Newly acquired is Volvo Olympian / Alexander Royale N741 VBA.


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