Posted by: SB Websites | April 27, 2011

27/04/11 News Update

Arriva North East

To withdraw the remaining Mercedes-Benz Vario / Alexander Dennis 100’s, Blyth have gained Alexander Dennis MPDs 1709 V709 DNL, 1715 V715 DNL, 1735 V735 DNL and 1750 W751 SBR while Ashington have now withdrawn their Optare MetroRiders and gained MPDs 1707 V707 DNL, 1723 V723 DNL  and 1752 W753 SBR. Recently repainted MPD  1766 NK05 GWE and 1767 NK05 GWF have now been branded “Great….Park and Ride” . Movements this week are of DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4057 S357 KHN to Durham, MPD 1751 W752 SBR to Jesmond, Dennis Darts 1673 N305 AMC  and 1697 M197 YKA to Redcar and MPD 1792 NK55 MYT to Ashington. Plaxton Centros 0002 YJ58 FFB and 0004 YJ58 FFC are currently being prepared for return to Arriva Bus and Coach after providing reserve work for the last few years. Darlington’s Dennis Dart / Alexander Dashs’ are all due to be withdrawn by the end of the year and be replaced by low floor Dennis Darts from London. A unidentifed Durham based Optare Solo has been servilely damaged after it was stolen from Peterlee Bus Station on Tuesday night, more information at Hartlepool Mail.

Go North East

The Final Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2 6007 NK11 BHL has now been delivered with all seven now in service. Scania L94UB / Wright Solars 4926 Y926 ERG, 4927 Y927 ERG, 4928 Y928 ERG, 4929 Y929 ERG and 4930 Y493 ETN are now at Chester-le-Street, though 4931 Y931 ERG is still at Gateshead, heading to Gateshead in exhange for these are Dennis Darts 8212 V212 ERG and 8213 V213 ERG.  Due to the new Geminis many movements have occured which are Dennis MPD 542 NA52 AXG and Mercedes Citaros 5325 NK58 DWC, 5326 NK58 DWD and 5327 NK58 DWE to Deptford, Volvo Olympian / Northern Countues Palatine 3930 R389 LGH, Palatine 2 3825 S325 OFT and 3833 S833 OFT and Dennis SPDs 8216 V216 ERG, 8217 V217 ERG and 8218 V218 ERG to Gateshead. Percy Main have gained Dennis SPD 8211 V211 ERG and Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine 3831 S831 OFT, Stanley have Mercedes Citaro 5283 NK07 KPU on tests for Diamond Services 43/44 still in full Red Arrows livery, Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown 4849 R849 PRG and Dennis SPD 8221 V221 ERG, Saltmeadows gained Dennis SPD 8223 V223 ERG and Peterlee have Dennis MPDs 501 X501 WRG  and 520 NK51 MKC which are both now East Durham branded. Various vehicles have been withdrawn which are Dennis MPDs 607 W928 PTS, 608 W869 YNB, Dennis SPDs 8166 S366 ONL and 8169 S369 ONL and Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine 3899 R257 LGH, 3900 R549 LGH and 3901 R550 LGH. Repainted into Northern livery is VDL SB120 / Wright Cadet 8270 NK54 NKX and Dennis Trident / East Lancs Lolyne’s 3801 V801 EBR and 3868 W178 SCU while Scania OmniCity 5260 NK56 KJU has been repainted silver and transferred to Percy Main. More vehicles to be joining the fleet in the coming months are 35 ex London Plaxton Presidents, some of which may well be the ones currently on Metro Replacement work.

Stagecoach North East

The delivery of Alexander Dennis Enviro300’s has now been completed with 27732 NK11 BFY, 27733 NK11 BFZ, 27734 NK11 BGE, 27735 NK11 BGF, 27736 NK11 BGO, 27737 NK11 BGU, 27738 NK11 BGV, 27739 NK11 BGX and 27740 NK11 BGY. with 27731 onwards gaining Beach themed branding.

Compass Royston

Newly acquired is Optare Solo NK06 GKA and bought new are Plaxton Panthers YN11 FVA and YN11 FVB.


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