Posted by: SB Websites | May 18, 2011

18/05/11 News Update

Arriva North East

Alexander Dennis MPD 1720 V720 DNL has been repainted into new livery while Optare Solo 2835 YJ08 XBR is now White in base colour for the new Hospital Link H1/H2 services with 2836 YJ08 XBS to be the second vehicle to receive the livery. Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine 7412 P412 CCU is also in standard livery while similar 7420 P420 CCU has been withdrawn. DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4061 S703 KFT has returned to service after an engine fire, meanwhile Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown 4503 V503 DFT has been damaged by an engine fire and will be out of use long-term.

Go North East

Both recently delivered Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renowns 5170 W20 FWL and 5171 W821 FBW have been repainted dark blue for the Fab Fifty Seven while a third delivery is 5162 T812 CBW. All Volvo B7TL / Plaxton Presidents for metro replacements have been retained and although previously reported, none have gone to Plymouth Citybus with the first to go for refurbishment is 9134 V334 LGC. The list of 35 Presidents GNE will be keeping are as follows, fleet numbers are likely to be correct but are not definite; 6008 V302 LGC, 6009 V304 LGC, 6010 V305 LGC, 6011V306 LGC, 6012 V308 LGC, 6013 V209 LGC, 6014 V310 LGC, 6015 V311 LGC, 6016 V312 LGC, 6017 V313 LGC, 6018 V314 LGC, 6019 V315 LGC, 6020 V816 KGF, 6021 V317 LGC, 6022 V218 LGC, 6023 V319 LGC, 6024 V220 LGC, 6025 V921 KGF, 6026 V322 LGC, 6027 V923 KGF, 6028 V324 LGC, 6029 V325 LGC, 6030 V226 LGC, 6031 V327 LGC, 6032 V228 LGC, 6033 V329 LGC, 6034 V330 LGC, 6035 V331 LGC, 6036 V332 LGC, 6037 V233 LGC, 6038 V334 LGC, 6039 V335 LGC, 6040 V336 LGC, 6041 V337 LGC and 6042 V338 LGC. Alexander Dennis MPD 623 V732 DNL has been withdrawn from Chester-le-Street. The new Whey-aye-five-0 logo has now been reveled and is shown below.

Stagecoach North East

Alexander Dennis / Volvo B10BLE 21146 R246 KRG has transferred to Walkergate. Alexander PS / Volvo B10M’s 20551 P551 ESA and 20553 P553 ESA are both now in the driver training fleet. Many Alexander Dennis ALX300 / Volvo B10BLE’s are now in reserve following the delivery of the new Enviro 300’s and are as follows; 21138 R238 KRG, 21145 R245 KRG, 21146 R246 KRG, 21148 R248 KRG, 21150 R250 KRG, 21153 R253 KRG, 21154 K254 KRG, 21156 R256 KRG, 21157 R257 KRG and Alexander Dennis AlX200’s 33489 R469 MVN, 33492 R472 MVN, 33825 R825 YUD and 33828 R828 YUD.


New are Optare Solo SR’s YJ11 EJV and YJ11 EJX.


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