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18/06/11 News Update

Arriva North East

Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown 4503 V503 DFT has been confirmed as written off after fire damage. Another DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige to be lost by fire damage is 4062 S704 KFT which although not as serious as others, will still require a new engine. The first of the ex London DAF DB250 / Alexander Dennis ALX400’s to come for the North East are currently getting converted to single door layout at Derby and are DLA106 T306 FGN and DLA107 T307 FGN.  Optare Solo 2825 YJ08 XBE is white as a Nexus spare at Jesmond, 2835 YJ08 XBR and 2836 YJ08 XBS are in all over white with “Hospital Shuttle Bus” vinyls at Darlington while Jesmond have repainted Solo 2816 YK08 ETO into base colours for Nexus Buses livery. On demonstration to Jesmond is Wright Streetlite 7495 CRZ 7495. The last surviving Optare Delta in the North East, 4098 P130 RWR has been withdrawn although there may be a slight chance it could return to cover for DAF  4062. Darlingtons DAF SB300 / Plaxton Prima’s 1207 V207 DJR and 1208 V208 DJR have received “X Sixty Six” branding.

Go North East

Scania L94UB / Wrigt Solars 4926 Y926 ERG, 4927 Y927 ERG, 4928 Y928 ERG, 4929 Y929 ERG, 4930 Y493 ETN and 4931 Y931 ERG have all been branded Whey-aye-five-0, the latter has now transferred to Chester-le-Street. Dennis MPD 624 V749 ECU has transferred to Washington while newer MPD 552 NK53 TKJ has been written off after it was stolen from Deptford depot and burned out, more information on the Shields Gazette. Peterlee have gained MPD 502 X502 WRG while Transbus MPD 564 NK53 TLO has moved to Percy Main. Volvo B7TL / Plaxton Presidents acquired from London have been numbered differently to what was originally thought, so the correct fleet numbers are as follows; 6008 V308 LGC, 6009 V209 LGC, 6010 V310 LGC, 6011 V311 LGC, 6012 V312 LGC, 6013 V313 LGC, 6014 V314 LGC, 6015 V315 LGC, 6016 V816 KGF, 6017 V317 LGC, 6018 V218 LGC, 6019 V319 LGC, 6020 V220 LGC, 6021 V921 KGF, 6022 V322 LGC, 6023 V923 KGF, 6024 V324 LGC, 6025 V325 VGC, 6026 V226 LGC, 6027 V327 LGC, 6028 V228 LGC, 6029 V329 LGC, 6030 V330 LGC, 6031 V331 LGC, 6032 V332 LGC, 6033 V233 LGC, 6034 V334 LGC, 6035 V335 LGC, 6036 V336 LGC, 6037 V337 LGC, 6038 V338 LGC, 6039 V302 LGC, 6040 V304 LGC, 6041 V305 LGC and 6042 V306 LGC. The first of these to complete refurbishment is 6025 V325 LGC and 6031 V331 LGC which have been converted to single door layout and are in use at Chester-le-Street in Northern livery, this has replaced 6013 V313 LGC which has gone for refurbishment while Stanley have received 6026 V226 LGC. Dennis SPD 8212 V212 ERG has moved to Deptford, Dennis MPD 563 NK53 TLN has moved to Percy Main, similar MPDs 502 X502 WRG, 503 X503 WRG and 522 NK54 MKE have moved to Peterlee. MPDs 532 NA52 AWU and 542 NA52 AXG have moved to Consett. The hybrid minibuses for the new Sunderland City Shuttle are confirmed to be Optare Solo SR’s while a further three diesel SR’s have been ordered to operate on newly acquired contracted work from Veolia. The first of the order of Optare Versas for Orbit services 51/52 are due later this week.

Stagecoach North East

Dennis Dart SLF 33828 R828 YUD has moved to Stockton while Alexander PS / Volvo B10M 20126 P126 XCN has been scrapped. Walkergates Alexander Dennis Enviro 400H  are now starting to be delivered starting with 12061 NK11 DGY, 12064 NK11 DHC, 12065 NK11 DHD, 12066 NK11 DHE and 12067 NK11 DHF.

Dales and District

MAN / MCV Evolution AE60 GRX has been acquired after being rejected from London, it has been numbered 31.  As applied to the MCV, a new logo has been introduced and is also applied to Enviro 200 MX10 DXM.


Further Optare Solo SR’s to be purchased are YJ11 EJY and  YJ11 EJZ which has allowed for the sale of Optare Solos CE52 UXA, CE52 UXB, CE52 UXC and CE52 UXD.

Scarlet Band

A second Optare Solo to be acquired this month is T645 HBF while newer ex Durham Park and Ride Solo YJ55 YGM has been painted into standard livery.

Tees Valley Coach Travel

Acquired is Mercedes-Benz 814D / Plaxton Beaver 2 SN03 FHL while Leyland Olympian / Northern Counties H109 GEV and Volvo B10B / Wright Endurance L510 TKA have been sold to Tees Valley Stagecarriage. Volvo B12B /  Plaxton Elite YN09 HRE has been painted into a silver based “Tees Valley Corporate Travel” livery.

Tees Valley Stagecarriage

Acquired from Tees Valley Coach Travel are Leyland Olympian / Northern Counties H109 GEV and Volvo B10B / Wright Endurance L510 TKA.


Brought into North East fleet is MCV Evolution CN07 FSC.



  1. Great report, just a few minor errors:

    DLA106/7 are DAF DB250s not SPDs. 2825 is white at Jesmond as the Nexus Bus spare. And the two X66 branded coaches are 1208 and 1209. 1207 hasn’t been seen out for a while.

    Also, Enviro400H 12062 NK11 DGZ arrived on Thursday night.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for the info, for some reason i thought they were SPDs. I have changed the information on 2825. Also, i saw 1207 out on Satuday in XSixtySix livery and will put 1209 in the next update as i hadnt seen any information about it when i wrote the update.


  3. Dales & District’s MX10DXM is an E200 Dart not a Solo.
    See here ->

    • Thanks for spotting this, the post has been ammended.

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