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27/06/11 Event: Howlands Rally 2011

The 19th of July was the date for the annual Howlands Rally which unfortunately saw heavy rain showers throughout the day, just as last years event. Nevertheless, the event was still a great day out with this year seeing a good offering of interesting new vehicles from Go North East and Arriva aswell as the heritage vehicles. Arriva provided two especially interesting vehicles, one of them being a Temsa Avenue and the other being a new Hospital liveried Optare Solo. Go North East brought many vehicles, the highlights of these being a Red Arrows Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2 and the unique Plaxton Concept 2000 branded Tynedale Links. Below are some photos from the day:

More Photos at Northern Transport Photos



  1. Another great rally… would have been even better if it wasn’t for the rain 🙂

    • It certainly was, i especially enjoyed my trip on the Plaxton Concept 🙂

  2. Could I just point out that the Plaxton Concept isn’t unique? There is a similar example owned by Henry Cooper, who also owned the GNE example at first before Northumbria Coaches bought it.

    • Hi Tony,
      The Plaxton Concept is unique as there is no other of the same specification. Henry Coopers is a totally different specification, most notably by the rear window that is totally different.


  3. I notice – yet again, the people who go out of their way year after year with great personal expense (no large business to back them or finance them), those people who use their own money and struggle to keep their old time “classic” buses which “make” the event – haven’t got a mention.

    The “classic” bus owners that do all this “hard, exhausting work” to show off our old vehicles get the “good” publicity taken away from them by the “large” operators. Does any one tune in to what I’m talking about?? We make the day but don’t get a mention. A disgrace when vehicles that you can travel on almost 7days a week get the publicity and credit for the “day out” who also bring their own vehicles (fuel “paid for” by the operator)… It’s about time the classic bus owners who struggle (and never complain that our costs also go up and up an up) made a stand.

    Every year it’s the same…

    More credit to us guys that “make it happen” while others just jump on the back end of it and get the publicity.

    To all those guys/gals that work hard to get your old buses out and about and attend these bus rallies, season after season, year after year, coat after cost – I hail you, I personally “thank you” for attending like you do.

    I know what you go through, especially when your not part of an organisation, and even well established organisations have their crosses to bare.

    Well done to you all, I hope to see you at the rallies this year and hopefully, news papers, web sites, TV reporters home in on the “classic” side of it as opposed to the “everyday multi million pound” companies that get the credit.

    It is appreciated when large operators fund these events like “Arriva” funds the Howlands Event (very well done to you guys), how ever, what about us little people that do it alone??

  4. Hi Steve,

    I understand your annoyance that many preserved vehicle owners are not fully credited for the detail and the money that is spent on restoring vehicles. Personally, I believe visitors are interested in both the historic and modern era’s and to attract the most visitors possible, each need to play a part in the rallies. The problem is many people are interested in the new vehicles as they are newsworthy at the time such as the Red Arrows Gemini shown in the photo above, but also their is much intrerest for newsworthy preseved vehicles like the Alexander Strider M902DRG which debuted in preservation in 2011.

    I believe it would be good for a small entrance fee of a few pound per person to be introduced where a percentage could go to each preserved vehicle owner which could go to fuel, maintenance etc. Although I understand there would be some complications if this was to happen, as additional licences would be required for each vehicle so would outweigh the money taken in if this was the case.

    Incase you were wondering, this is the only ‘Event’ article where I have not included a historic vehicle on the photos shown on this website. This is not usually the case as I usually keep a balance of both, as should have been on this article.


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