Posted by: SB Websites | June 30, 2011

30/06/11 News Update

Arriva North East

Dennis Dart SLF 1648 R432 COO has been withdrawn while a further DAF SB3000 / Plaxton Prima to be branded “X Sixty Six” is 1209 V209 DJR. Dennis MPD 1712 V712 DNL was on loan to Redcar due to the temporary increase in PVR at the depot but has since returned to Darlington with its position being taken by Dennis Dart SLF 1651 R426 COO. DAF SB120 / Ikarus Citibus 4706 T76 AUA has been repainted into new livery while DAF DB250 / East Lancs Lowlander 7444 Y694 EBR has finally returned to service. A new arrival to the North East fleet is DAF SB220 / Northern Counties Paladin 4008 P10 LPG which has replaced fire damaged 4053  S353 KHN.

Go North East

Dennis MPD 487 V187 ERG has been reinstated at Deptford to replace written off 552 NK53 TKJ. Further Volvo B7TL / Plaxton Presidents to complete refurbishment are 6016 V816 KGF at Chester le Street, 6018 V218 LGC and 6026 V226 LGC at Stanley, 6033 V233 LGC and 6036 V336 KGF at Deptford. This has therefore lead to 6014 V314 LGC, 6015 V315 LGC, 6022 V322 LGC and 6023 V923 KGF being taken out of service for refurbishment. The first of the new Optare Versas to be delivered for the 36 have arrived in an all over purple base coat and are 8319 NK11 FXB, 8320 NK11 FXC and 8321 NK11 FXD. The new 36 and 42 brand has been reviled and is “SimpliCity” which is a dark purple base coat like the Orbit, the Orbit Versas should follow on from the delivery of SimpliCity ones. 




Stagecoach North East

A further Alexander Dennis Enviro 400H to be delivered is 12062 NK11 DGZ.

Classic Coaches

Acquired are Dennis Dart SLF / Caeteno Nimbus RL51 ZKR in base colours for Nexus Buses and RL51 ZKS in all over white.



  1. One minor mistake.

    The Versas delivered so far are those for ‘SimpliCity’ not ‘The Orbit’. The Orbit ones are slightly delayed.

  2. Thanks for that, not sure why i said it! The Orbit Versas should follow on from the delivery of SimpiCity ones.

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