Posted by: SB Websites | July 15, 2011

15/07/11 News Update

Arriva North East

Dennis Mini Pointer Dart 1751 W752 WBR has now been painted into new livery along with DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4044 S344 KHN and DAF Sb3000 / Plaxton Prima 1211 V211 DJR. The complete delivery of DAF DB250 / Alexander Dennis ALX400 is 7459 T306 FGN and 7460 T307 FGN which have arrived and are in service, 7461 T308FGN, 7462 T309 FGN and 7463 T310 FGN which are expected to be delivered shortly.  DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestge 4006 S892 ONL and 4007 S893 ONL are now back in use after receiving a new engines.

Go North East

Dennis MPD 502 X502 WRG has been branded East Durham while further Volvo B7TL / Plaxton Presidents to enter service are 6008 V308 LGC at Percy Main and 6027 V327 LGC at Gateshead. Unlike originally thought, the order of three Hybrid Optare Solo SRs for the Sunderland City Service is infact 2 Hybrid and 1 Diesel, with a presumed PVR of 2. A new service will be starting on Monday 25th of July and is to be branded Commuter Club and operating between Newcastle and Tynemouth at peak times on Monday to Friday only. The service is to be coach operated and is thought to be receiving Volvo B10M / Plaxton Paragon 7082 Y782 MFT in brand, though this may not happen in time for the launch. Many new Optare Versas have been delivered for SimpliCity services 36 and 42 and are 8319 NK11 FXB, 8320 NK11 FXC, 8321 NK11 FXD, 8322 NK11 FXE, 8323 NK11 FXF, 8324 NK11 FXG, 8325 NK11 FXH, 8326 NK11 GWX and 8327 NK11 GWY.

Commuter Club X90

Stagecoach North East

The deliveries of Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 are as follows and are either in service or due to be delivered; 12061 NK11 DGY, 12062 NK11 DGZ, 12063 NK11 DHA, 12064 NK11 DHC, 12065 NK11 DHD, 12066 NK11 DHE, 12067 NK11 DHF, 12068 NK11 DHG, 12069 NK11 DHJ, 12070 NK11 DHL, 12071 NK11 DHM, 12072 NK11 DHN, 12073 NK11 DHO, 12074 NK11 DHP, 12075 NK11 DHV 12076 NK11 DHY 12077 NK11 DHZ, 12078 NK11 DJD, 12079 NK11 DJE, 12080 NK11 DJF, 12081 NK11 DJJ, 12082 NK11 DJV, 12083 NK11 DJX, 12084 NK11 DJY, 12085 NK11 DJZ, 12086 NK11 DKA. MAN 18.220 / Alexander Dennis ALX300  22071 NK54 BFX has transferred to South Shields.

Garnetts Coaches

Dennis Trident / Alexander Dennis ALX400’s V173 MEV and X287 NNO have been acquired.

Scarlet Band 

Optare Solo T645 HBF has been repainted into standard livery.

Tees Valley Coach Travel

Acquired is Volvo B6LE / Alexander Dennis ALX200 R71 HPN and has been painted into standard livery.

The Eden

Acquired is Optare Solo T312 UOX which is in a green based ASDA Rider livery.


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