Posted by: SB Websites | September 29, 2011

29/09/11 News Update

Arriva North East

VDL SB220 / Plaxton Centros 0002 YJ58 FFB, 0004 YJ58 FFC and an unregistered example and VDL SB120’s 1956 YJ07 JSV and 1957 YJ07 JSY were seen in Jesmond last week, but are thought to have since left to Arriva Bus and Coach (Dealer). DAF SB3000 / Plaxton Prima 1206 V206 DJR has returned to service at Jesmond along with Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties 7364 S648 KJU.

Go North East

Dennis Trident / Plaxton President 3891 NK51 UCU and Dennis Trident / East Lancs Lolyne 3866 W866 PNL have recieved a new version of the DSDF Seaways livery. Dennis MPDs 535 NA52 AWX , 540 NA52 AXD and 541 NA52 AWF have transferred to Peterlee and painted all over yellow awaiting East Durham vinyls while 536 NA52 AWY, 537 NA52 AWZ, 538 NA52 AXB and 539 NA52 AXC are also at Peterlee but are not yet yellow. These have allowed for the withdrawl of older MPDs 491 V191 ERG, 492 V192 ERG and 493 V193 ERG. Along with exsisting Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown 5160 T810 CBW, further arrivals from Oxford painted in the new 69/69A blue are 5161 T811 CBW, 5162 T812 CBW, 5163 T813 CBW and 5164 T814 CBW while all Fab Fifty Seven examples have now been branded. Further Volvo B7TL / Plaxton Presidents returning to service are 6034 V334 LGC and 6040 V304 LGC which are both blue for the new Pronto services while further examples entering service at Chester le Street are 6021 V291 KGF and 6037 V337 LGC. Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties 3939 R398 LGH and 3940 R399 LGH have transferred to Stanley which in turn have withdrawn 3929 R288 LGH and 3994 P829 SGP.


DAF DB250 / Alexander ALX400 T312 FGN and T313 FGN have been acquired and are in fleet livery.

Kingsley’s Coaches

Dennis Trident / Alexander ALX 400 V178 MEV, X235 NNO and X236 NNO have been acquired while Volvo Olympian P786 SWC is currently in use, it is currently not known wheather this is an acquasition or loan.


Ex Dublin Bus Volvo Olympian S874 OHN was badly damaged when it collided into a low bridge, it is currently unknown whether it will return.

Tees Valley Coach Travel

Volvo B10M / Plaxton Premiere S13 ORO has been acquired while Dennis Dart SLF V385 JWK has been repainted into fleet livery.


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