Posted by: SB Websites | October 16, 2011

16/10/11 News Update

Arriva North East

VDL SB220 / Plaxton Centro 0004 YJ58 FFC has returned to use at Jesmond though no other Centros have yet to have been noted in use while Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine 7364 S648 KJU has returned to service in new livery. Dennis Dart / Plaxton Pointer 1518 X527 GGO was in Ashington depot last week but has since transferred back to Scotland West and was stopping off at Ashington afer refurbishment at Derby.

Go North East

The final Volvo B7TL / Plaxton Presidents to return from refurbishment are 6020 V220 LGC, 6032 V332LGC  and 6039 V302 LGC which are all Northern red. The seven B7TL’s Dark Blue for the Pronto are 6021 V921 KGF, 6024 V324 LGC, 6034 V334 LGC, 6035 V335 LGC, 6037 V337 LGC, 6040 V304 LGC and 6041 V305 LGC. Deliveries have now commenced of the Mercedes Citaro G with 5341 BL57 OXP, 5342 BP57 UYE, 5343 BP57 UYF, 5344, BP57 UYG and 5345 BP57 UYH and a further unknown five which are currently undergoing refurbishment at Thorntons of Ashington. Also newly delivered is the first Optare Solo SR Hybrid which is 629 NK61 EFY, the second hybrid is also understood to be delivered but the registration is currently unknown. This week has seen many repaints which are Mercedes Citaro 5296 NK08 CGY which has been repainted Orange for the Diamond, Transbus Dennis MPD 573 NK53 TMY has been painted Yellow and received East Durham branding while Dennis Trident / Plaxton President 3885 NK51 UCN, 3887 NK51 UCP, 3888 NK51 UCR and VDL SB120 / Wright Cadet 8267 NK54 NKT are Red with Northern Logos.

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council’s

New Village Link services 707 and 708 have now began using Bluebird Tucanas YX59 DYV which is White and YX59 DYW which is branded.

The Eden

Dennis MPD V732 DNL has been repainted into Red and Cream fleet livery.



  1. Does anybody know what Citaro was involved in the fatal accident on the redhuegh bridge last weekend?

    • Im not sure which one it was, infact I didn’t even know a fatal accident had occured.


    • To Andrew,

      Im not sure which exact one, all i know that its a TEN liveries example.


    • Hi Andrew,

      It was 5315 NK08 MYD that was involved in the accident.


      • thanks very much, are they going to repair it, do u know?

      • Im fairly certain they will, from what i’ve heard it’s no where near a right-off.


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