Posted by: SB Websites | November 15, 2011

15/11/11 News Update

Arriva North East

Scania N113 / East Lancs 7264 N164 VVO is now out of service after an engine fire. Transferred to the North East from Arriva North West are Scania OmniCitys 2061 CX05 EOV, 2062 CX05 EOW and 2063 CX05 EOY which have been repainted into interurban at Bootle, are now under preparation at Jesmond and are thought to be heading to Durham. The first of Durhams Pulsars are now entering service, with the vehicles currently delivered being 1461 NK61 CXS, 1462 NK61 CXT, 1463 NK61 CXU, 1465 NK61 CXW, 1466 NK61 CXX, 1468 NK61 CXZ, 1469 NK61 CYA and 1473 NK61 CYG. Dennis Dart SLF 1616 S616 KHN has transferred to Darlington.

Go North East

Dennis MPD 543 NA52 AXH has been repainted yellow, 549 NK53 TKD and 550 NK53 TKE have been repainted lime green for North Tyne, Mercedes Citaro 5295 NK08 CGX is another repainted orange for the Diamond and Dennis Trident / East Lancs Lolyne 3869 W179 SCU is in Northern livery. Further Mercedes Citaro articulated are arriving for services 58 and X66 with the first 54 plate version now here, which is BX54 UCZ.

Kingsleys Coaches

Dennis Trident / Plaxton President T71 KLD and T129 LKD have been acquired, along with ex A Line Dennis Lance SLF M181 UAN and Dennis Trident / ALX400’s X363 NNO, X253 NNO, X237 NNO, V216 MEV, X361 NNO.

Photos Thanks to NorthEastBusPics


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