Posted by: SB Websites | December 6, 2011

06/12/11 News Update

Arriva North East

DAF SB3000 / Plaxton Prima 1213 V213 DJR has been moved to Ashington and exchanged with 1201 R291 KRG which is now at Darlington. Also moved to Ashington is Scania L113 / East Lancs Eurpoean 263 N171 PUT while Darlington have gained DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige’s 4032 R432 RPY, 4033 R433 RPY and Dennis Dart SLF 1613 S613 KHN, 1616 S616 KHN, 1636 S636 KHN, 1637 S637 KHN and 1640 S640 KHN due to the new Pulsars which are now in service at Durham. Cascaded from Darlington to Redcar is Dennis Dart / Alexander Dash 1660 L729 VNL with 1677 P634 PGP and Plaxton bodied 1668 L748 VNL withdrawn. With the large intake of Durhams Pulsars now completed, the most recent are 1464 NK61 CXV, 1467 NK61 CXY, 1470 NK61 CYC, 1471 NK61 CYE, 1472 NK61 CYF, 1473 NK61 CYG, 1474 NK61 CYH, 1475 NK61 CYJ, 1476 NK61 CYL, 1477 NK61 CYO, 1478 NK61 CYP and 1479 NK61 CYS. Pulsars delivered to Ashington are 1480 NK61 CYT, 1481 NK61 CYU, 1482 NK61 CYV and 1483 NK61 CYW with Stockton taking 1484 NK61 CYX, 1485 NK61 CYY, 1486 NK61 CYZ, 1487 NK61 CZA, 1488 NK61 CZB, 1489 NK61 CZC, 1490 NK61 CZD, 1491 NK61 CZE, 1492 NK61 CZF, 1493 NK61 CZG and 1494 NK61 CZH. Temsa Avenue 4708 YJ59 BHZ has been withdrawn after a serious fire on November 30th, totally destroying the entire vehicle and has been replaced by Dennis Dart / Alexander Dash 1666 L740 VNL. Also new this month are Optare Solos 2601 YJ61 JFF, 2602 YJ61 JFG and 2603 YJ61 JFK which are in NexusBus livery at Jesmond.

Go North East

Dennis Trident / East Lancs Lolyne 3879 W179 SCU has been repainted into Red Northern livery while Dennis MPD 551 NK53 TKF is lime green and similar 513 X513 WRG is in debranded North Tyne Links livery at Hexham. Dennis MPD 497 V197 ERG has been sold to The Eden while Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine 3934 R393 LGH has been sold to West Kent Buses. The second batch of Mercedes Citaro G have now been delivered which are 5349 BX54 UCP, 5350 BX54 UCR,  5351 BX54 UCU, 5352 BX54 UCV, 5353 BX54 UCW, 5354 BX54 UCZ, 5355 BX54 UDB and 5356 BX54 UDD, of the earlier batch 5339 BL57 OXJ and 5341 BL57 OXP are now in service and branded for the X66. Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown’s painted into Maroon pending transfer to Gateshead for Crusader service 27 have started with 4837 R837 PRG, 4838 R838 PRG and 4840 340 GUP.

Stagecoach North East

A new X34 livery is being introduced with MAN 18.220 / Alexander Dennis ALX300’s starting with 22050 NK53 KFU. Currently in delivery are Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Darts with 19 ordered in total, these are 36461 NK61EBZ, 36462 NK61ECA, 36463 NK61ECC, 36464 NK61ECD, 36465 NK61ECE, 36466 NK61ECF, 36467 NK61ECJ, 36468 NK61ECN, 36469 NK61ECT, 36470 NK61ECV, 36471 NK61ECW, 36472 NK61ECX, 36473 NK61ECY, 36474 NK61ECZ, 36475 NK61EDF, 36476 NK61EDJ, 36477 NK61EDL, 36478 NK61EDO and 36479 NK61EDP. These are all to head to South Shields.


Optare Solo Y295 PDN has received an all over advert for holidays operated by Classic.

CMC Coaches

Leyland Lynx G300 KWY has been acquired.

Scarlet Band

Optare Solo T469 BCN has been acquired from The Eden.

The Eden

Acquired from Go North East is Dennis MPD V197 ERG which has in turn allowed for the disposal of Optare Solo T469 BCN, which has gone to Scarlet Band.


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