Posted by: SB Websites | December 29, 2011

29/12/11 News Update

Arriva North East

Deliveries of brand new Wright SB200 / VDL Pulsar have continued with Blyth taking the most recent four which are 1495 NK61 CZJ, 1496 NK61 CZL, 1497 NK61 CZM and 1498 NK61 CZN. Further new Optare Solos at Jesmond are 2870 YJ61 JFN and 2871 YJ61 JFO which have been numbered separate to the previous Solos due to being longer, at M880 length. Scania OmniCity’s 4644 CX05 EOW and 4645 CX05 EOY have both been delivered to Jesmond and should enter service at Durham soon, while Dennis MPD 1764 NK05 GWC and 1797 Y215 BGB are both now back at Darlington which has displaced 1711 V711 DNL to Stockton. Also at Darlington is Alexander Enviro 400H demonstrator SN59 AWW which is being used on the 1/1b, where funding may be given in the future for hybrid buses. DAF SB120 / Wright Cadets 1907 W309 PPT and 1911 W314 PPT have been repainted interurban after being displaced from the 15 by new Pulsars, other Cadets now have the 15 branding removed but retain the red stripe. A large influx of second-hand vehicles to Darlington to replace a variety of step entrance Darts are Dennis Dart SLF’s 1649 R424 COO, 1650 R425 COO, 1651 R426 COO and DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4034 R434RPY while Ashington now have Alexander Dennis MPD 1761 NK05 GVY. Arriving this week at Jesmond are the first VDL DB300 / Wright Gemini 2’s which are 7616 NK61 EBD and 7617 NK61 EBF and is currently unknown which depot will be receiving them. Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties 7360 R616 MNU has been repainted red.

Go North East

Newly delivered Optare Solo SR’s for Nexus contracts are  631 NK61 FEU, 632 NK61 FEV, 633 NK61 FEX and 634 NK61 FJO and are in service at Saltmeadows. Scania L94UB/ Wright Solar ‘s 5229 NK55 OLG and 5230 NK55 OLH are in the base livery for new “OK ExpressWay” service OK1 (Darlington-Bishop-Crook) while Dennis MPD 571 NK53 TMV is in full “OK Way” branding for new service 18 (Woodhouse-Bishop-Coundon) and 572 NK53 TMX is in base livery. Dennis SPD 8173 S373 ONL has transferred to Deptford, with Deptford based Mercedes Citaro 5298 NK08 CHC debranded. Dennis MPD’s 548 NA52 AXO and 549 NK53 TKD have transferred to Percy Main and 542 NA52 AXG to Deptford, 507 X507 WRG and 508 X508 WRG have been withdrawn. Completing the four X66 branded Mercedes Citaro G are 5347 BP57 UYK and 5348 BP57 UYL which are both now in service.

Stagecoach North East

Alexander Dennis Enviro 200’s are now beginning to enter service at South Shields with 36461 NK61 EBZ, 36463 NK61 ECC, 36464 NK61 ECD, 36465 NK61 ECE, 36466 NK61 ECF, 36467 NK61 ECJ and 36468 NK61 ECN. Also entering service at South Shields is MAN 18.220 / Alexander Dennis ALX300 22051 NK53 KFV.

Connect Transport

New Optare Solos are YJ61 JHX (M780) and YJ61 JHV (M880).


On demonstration is Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Dart YX61 DOU while Opare Solo 024 MX04 VLW has been repainted into standard livery.

Tees Valley Coach Travel

Acquired is VanHool Alize / Volvo B10M PIL 6352.


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