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03/04/12 News Update

Arriva North East

DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige’s 4003 S870 ONL and 4044 S344 KHN  are now at Redcar along with Alexander Dennis / Transbus MPD 1758 NK53 HJA while Scania OmniCity 4645 CX05 EOY has entered service at Durham leaving just 4644 to enter service. A large amount of vehicles have joined the North East fleet due to the taking over of Arriva Scotland West by McGills which are currently Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 2’s 44001 X475 GGO, 44002 X478 GGO, 44007 X527 GGO, 44016 X526 GGO, 44024 S614 KHN, 44029 S619 KHN, 44042 S632 KHN and driver training Volvo B10B / Wright Endurance 8212 L502 TKA though it is understood a batch of Volvo B6BLE / Wright Crusaders will soon be joining the fleet. Of these, 44016 is the first noted to enter service. Refurbished Volvo B10BLE / Alexander ALX300 4522 W298 PPT is now in service at Jesmond while Dennis MPD 1719 V719 DNL has been repainted into standard livery. With round 3 of the green bus fund announced, Arriva Darlington will be receiving 11 MAN EcoCity’s and Blyth will be receiving 10 hybrid Volvo B5L / Wright Geminis.

Go North East

Round 3 of the green bus fund has seen Go North East awarded funding for 15 Volvo B5L / Wright Gemini’s for service 21 while a third hybrid Optare Solo SR will join the Sunderland Connect fleet. DAF SB120 / Wright Cadet 8242 NA52 BUU is now at Deptford competing the transfer of these vehicles. Dennis SPD’s 8172 S372 ONL and 8173 S373 ONL have moved to Chester-le-Street, 8219 V219 ERG to Stanley, 8223 X223 FBB, 8226 X226 FBB and 8227 X227 FBB to Percy Main which in turn has allowed for the withdrawal of Dennis Dart SLF / Caetano Compass 8279 T426 LGP, 8285 V435 KGF and 8286 V436 KGF. Dennis MPD 510 X551 FBB is working for Peterlee and Scania L94UA / Wright Solar Fusion 4950 NK51 OLR is out of service at Gateshead. Dennis MPD 542 NA52 AXG is now yellow, Dennis SPD 8224 X224 FBB, 8225 X225 FBB, 8226 X226 FBB, 8227 X227 FBB and DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4867 S867 ONL are now Northern red while similar 4865 S865 ONL is now green. Dennis Trident / Plaxton President 3886 NK51 UCO now carries an overall advertisement for the Charter for Positive Change in response to Nexus’ proposed Quality Contracts. Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine 2 3833 S833 OFT is now red.

Stagecoach North East

Designline Olymbus’ 61001 VX04 MZG, 61002 NK05 RWN, 61003 NK05 PXM, 61004 NK05 RWO, 61005 NK05 OFM, 61006 NK05 PXL, 61007 NK05 RWL, 61008 NK05 RWU, 61009 NK05 PXJ and 61010 NK05 PXH have all been sold to Nexgen Power. Further Alexander Dennis Enviro 200’s delivered to South Shields are 36473 NK61 ECY and 36474 NK61 ECZ. Dennis Dart SLF / Alexander ALX200’s 33118 R118 KRG, 33121 R121 KRG, 33123 R123 KRG and 33126 R126 KRG are now at Slatyford while Walkergate now have 33122 R122 KRG, 33127 R127 KRG, 33825 R825 YUD, 33826 R826 YUD and 33828 R828 YUD.

Coastal and Country Coaches

Acquired for the Whitby Tour is Volvo B9TL / Plaxton President X596 EGK.


New are Mercedes OC500LE / MCV Evolution’s 044 AE12 AZB and 045 AE12 AZC with a third due shortly. These have allowed for the sale of MAN/ MCV Evolution’s AJ58 PXB, AJ58 PZC, AJ58 PZD and AJ58 PZE.

Tees Valley Stagecarriage

Acquired are Mercedes Vario / Plaxton Beaver’s T445 WWT and T446 WWT.



  1. is there any news about what buses go north east are going to get for the tyne-tees express route ?

    • Hi,
      The X9-X10 will be receiving coach seated Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s in late Summer.


  2. i have realised that the nk61 dxx and dya and dxy and may other buses have shifted to ashington du to g529 and 546 and 545 vbb buses have been scrapped
    thanks philip

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