Posted by: SB Websites | May 13, 2012

13/05/12 News Update

Arriva North East

Arriva Scotland West Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer’s are now beginning to enter service at various depots with 1503 X481 GGO, 1505 X524 GGO and 1508 X529 GGO at Darlington while 44007 X527 GGO is at Ashington, still with five digit fleet numbers. Dennis MPD 1759 NK53 VKA has been repainted into new livery while VDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 1487 NK61 CZA is the first to be branded for the 15, ‘The Directors Cut’.

Go North East

Dennis SPD’s 8172 S372 ONL and 8173 S373 ONL are now at Deptford having been swapped with 8219 V219 ERG and 8220 V220 ERG which are now at Gateshead. Dennis MPD 506 X506 WRG is now in service at Washington. Various vehicle sales are of Dennis MPD’s  486 V186 ERG, 500 V820 ERG, 621 V730 DNL and Dennis Dart / Caetano Compass 8283 T430 LGP to Ripley, Carlton while similar 8276 T403 LGP, 8277 T407 LGP, 8278 T413 LGP, 8279 T426 LGP, 8280 T427 LGP, 8284 V434 KGF, 8285 V435 KGF, 8286 V436 KGF and 8287 V437 KGF have been sold to Ensign Bus Co. Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties 3913 R271 LGH and 3929 R288 LGH have been sold to 1st Bus Stop Coach Co, Gravesend. VDL SB120 / Wright Cadet 8248 NA52 BVE has been branded South Tyne for routes 88/88A while a third Mercedes Citaro repainted silver is of 5325 NK58 DWC. DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4863 S863 ONL is now branded Soccerbus and Scania OmniCity 5237 NK56 KHE has been repainted all over red.

Stagecoach North East

Volvo B10BLE / Northern Counties Paladin 21105 P605 JBU has returned to service at Stockton while 21103 P603 JBU is under preparation at South Shields.

Compass Community Transport

In use is Plaxton Primo MX07 KPU, it is currently not known whether this has been purchased or loaned.

Coopers Tourmaster

New is Scania Irizar YT12 YUN.

Howard Snaith

New are Volvo B9R / Plaxton Panther’s YN12 BBF and YN12 BBO.

Lee’s Coaches

Not previously reported was the arrival of VDL Jonkheere YJ12 CLU in March.


A third Mercedes OC500LE / MCV Evolution delivered is 046 AE12 AZD.

Stanley Travel

Volvo B12B / Plaxton Panther G2 STX has arrived and is branded for Glenton Palmer holidays.

Tees Valley Coach Travel

Acquired are Dennis Javelins R311 RCJ and R334 RCJ.

Weardale Motor Services

Two new coaches have joined the fleet which consist of VDL Bova Futura SN12 DNJ and Neoplan Tourliner MA12ADV.



  1. the arriva x527 ggo is aparetley at ashington to stay to cover mini coast to castle 518 to newcastle ia widrington route same as the new 519 bus to ashington

    • Hi Philip,
      That’s most likely to be correct as on many photos its on the 518 and from when I saw it, it was on the 518. I’d imagine it will stay at Ashington for the foreseeable future though.


      • yes and the x526 ggo is still tere to and there is a new v501/5 dft is at ashington to remain x21/2.0 buses to newcastle

  2. i have noticed that the nk55 myr bus is in ashington bus depot
    philip patterson

    • I had Renown 4505 V505DFT noted down as refurbished as part of the next update, haven’t heard anything of 1790 NK55 MYR as of yet though.


  3. well i think it is at ashington to cover atleys route m3 and some other silly problem

  4. i have realised that 1790nk55 myr hasnt been referbised but is at ashngton

  5. 8247-52 NA52 BVD-J and 8253-5 NK04 FOP-U are all liveried south tyne

    • Yep that’s right Daniel, it will be included in the next update.


  6. and i have realised that arriva blyth uses have nk53 hhy/x/z buses

  7. 22051 On Hire To Stagecoach In Newcastle.

    • Thanks for the update Robin.


  8. arriva have taken over astley and pheonix routes such as m3 /444 /656

  9. the arriva nk61 cyu bus was on the unusual 501 route i was in it the enjine was boiling hot

  10. one of the 750….. nk57 gx…….. bus is under repair and i have notices that it is branded for the country berwick ad alnwick routes

    • I believe it is a new brand for the Coast and Castles connection, haven’t seen which ones carry it as of yet.


  11. yeh and there is a v506 dft bus at ashington for the time being

  12. and the 4507 bus has moved to ashington

  13. by the looks of things that there are no ex go north east g-vbb buses and l-kef buses in service now they all have been withdrawn

    • Hi Phillip,
      The vehicles you have stated have been withdrawn, although I think there may still be an L..KEF Strider in service at Ashington.


  14. Yes the l211 kef bus is still here just been withdrawn though

  15. So v723 dnl bus 2013

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