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11/10/12 News Update

Arriva North East

Scania OmniCity’s 4647 NK05 GXA, 4654 NK05 GXH, 4656 NK05 GXL and 4657 NK05 GXM have transferred to Darlington for use on service X66 which has displaced DAF SB3000 / Plaxton Prima’s 1207 V207 DJR, 1208 V208 DJR, 1209 V209 DJR and 1214 V214 DJR to Ashington. Scania N113DRB / East Lancs E Type 7261 M172 GRY has transferred to Durham along with Dennis MPD 1728 V728 DNL while similar 1724 V724 DNL has been repaired and and is in service at Darlington with 1734 V734 DNL. Newer MPD’s 1763 NK05 GWA and 1800 NK56 HKV have been repainted into new livery at Blyth. MAN EcoCity WX61 FXO is on loan to Darlington for vehicle familiarisation and use in service in preparation for the green bus funded examples to be delivered.

Go North East

The final two Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini’s delivered for Red Arrows service X1 are 6054 NK62 EKD and 6055 NK62 EJF. Deliveries of Volvo B5LH / Wright Gemini’s for Angel service 21 are under way with 6057 NK62 CCV, 6058 NK62 CCY, 6059 NK62 CEN, 6060 NK62 CFN, 6061 NK62 CJE, 6062 NK62 CJJ, 6063 NK62 CKC, 6064 NK62 CLZ, 6065 NK62 CME, 6066 NK62 CYC and 6067 NK62 CYE while a further four are outstanding. The third Optare Solo SR hybrid delivered for the Sunderland Connect service 700 is 640 NK62 DWY. Scania L94UA  / Wright Solar Fusions 4950 NK51 OLR and 4952 NK51 OLU have returned to service at Gateshead. Numerous moves have taken place over the last few weeks which includes Mercedes Citaro 5279 NK07 KPO transferring to Winlaton to replace DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4821 P321 AFT, Mercedes Citaro’s 5275 NK07 KPG and 5276 NK07 KPJ are now at Stanley with Scania OmniCity’s 5248 NK56 KHU and 5249 NK56 KHV, Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown’s 4915 X915 WGR and 4917 X917 WGR are at Gateshead, heading the other way are Scania L94UB  /Wright Solar’s 4947 NK51 OLN, 4948 NK51 OLO repainted green and Scania OmniCity’s 5250 NK56 KHW and 5273 NK56 KKJ which are at Percy Main. Volvo B7TL / Plaxton President 6027 V327 LGH has moved to Washington, Dennis SPD’s 8266 X226 FBB and 8227 X227 FBB to Deptford, MPD 506 X506 WRG to Peterlee and SPD 8201 V201 ERG has been withdrawn. Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine 3925 R284 LGH has transferred to Crook while 3914 R554 LGH is withdrawn. Many Olympians have been withdrawn from which are 3919 R557 LGH, 3920 R558 LGH, 3921 R559 LGH, 3922 R281 LGH, 3923 R282 LGH, 3924 R283 LGH, 3932 R391 LGH and 3936 R395 LGH. Mercedes Citaro’s 5275 NK07 KPG, 5276 NK07 KPJ, 5277 NK07 KPL, 5278 NK07 KPN, 5279 NK07 KPO, 5280 NK07 KPP, 5281 NK07 KPR, 5282 NK07 KPT and 5283 NK07 KPU have transferred to Winlaton for use on the Blaydon Racers services which have displaced Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown’s 5151 T801 CBW, 5152 T802 CBW, 5153 T803 CBW, 5154 T804 CBW, 5155 T805 CBW, 5156 T806 CBW, 5157 T807 CBW, 5158 T808 CBW, 5159 T809 CBW and 5166 W816 FBW to Percy Main. Similar Renown’s 4915 X915 WGR and 4917 X917 WGR have moved to Winlaton, Dennis SPDs 8214 V214 ERG and 8216 V216 ERG to Deptford and 8215 V215 ERG to Gateshead. DAF SB120 / Wright Cadet’s 8246 NA52 BVC and 8266 NK04 ZNE have moved to Saltmeadows, with the latter repainted white for use on MetroCentre Shuttle service S1. The first Cadet to be repainted into South Tyne ‘5’ livery is 8244 NK52 BUW.

Photos Thanks to North East and Regional Bus Photos

Stagecoach North East

Volvo B10BLE / Alexander ALX300 21143 R243 KRG has transferred to Stockton while Dennis Dart SLF 35193 NK56 FFO has been repainted.

Classic Coaches

Acquired is DAF DB250 / Alexander ALX400 S236 JUA and Dennis Dart / Caetano Nimbus HX04 HUK.

Compass Royston

A second Neoplan Tourliner delivered is MT12 NLE.

Enterprise Travel

Acquired is Mercedes Touro HM03 HEM.

Nightingale Coaches

Acquired from Go North East is Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine 3914 R554 LGH.


Acquired is Volvo B9R / Plaxton Elite CN10 HFW.

Stanley Travel

Acquired is Volvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400 V102 LGC.


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