Posted by: SB Websites | December 16, 2012

16/12/12 News Update

Go North East

Dennis MPD 510 X551 FBB is now in East Durham livery while 513 X513 WRG has received Tynedale Links branding. Dennis Trident / East Lancs Lolyne 3803 V803 EBR has been repainted red and has gained Northern vinyls.

Stagecoach North East

Alexander Dennis Enviro 400’s 19194 NK57 DVX, 19196 NK57 DVZ and 19197 NK57 DWA have transferred to South Shields to convert service X34 to double deck operation. In place of these, MAN 18.220 / Alexander ALX300’s 22068 NK54 BFP, 22069 NK54 BFU and 22071 NK54 BFZ have transferred to Slatyford. Similar ALX300’s 22049 NK53 KFT and 22050 NK53 KFU have had X34 branding removed but are currently still in the blue variant of Stagecoach livery.

Classic Coaches

Further Caetano Nimbus’ acquired are HX04 HUH and RX07 KPJ.

JSB Travel

Newly acquired and wearing JSB Travel fleet names is Optare Solo V470 GBF.

Lees Coaches

Acquired is Leyland Tiger / Plaxton Paramount B592 XWW.

Pygalls Coches

East Lancs EL200 / Dennis Dart N755 OYR has been acquired and is in use on new service 230 (Sunderland – Hartlepool). The service began using Caetano Nimbus W424WRE though has not been seen on the service recently and may have already left the fleet.


Tees Valley Coach Travel

Leyland Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine K574 RRH and Volvo Olympian / Alexander RL N702 LTN have been repainted all over red and are expected to transfer to Tees Valley Stagecarriage.


Photos Thanks to North East and Regional Bus Photos


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