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06/03/13 News Update

Arriva North East

Further DAF SB220 / Alexander ALX300’s transferred from Arriva Yorkshire are 4095 S475 ANW, 4096 S476 ANW, 4097 R458 KWT and 4098 R459 KWT. 4095, 4096 and 4098 have all entered service at Redcar while 4097 is temporarily in use at Ashington.  The first MAN EcoCity gas vehicles for Darlington have now been delivered in the form of 4802 NK13 CFE, 4803 NK13 CFF, 4805 NK13 CFJ and 4806 NK13 CFL. Many Volvo B5LH / Wright Gemini 2’s have also been delivered and are 7801 NK13 AZA, 7803 NK13 AZC, 7806 NK13 AZG, 7807 NK13 AZJ and 7808 NK13 AZL.

Go North East

New Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s have entered service on the 10 with 6071 NK62 FAA, 6072 NK62 FBA, 6073 NK62 FCC, 6074 NK62 FDM, 6081 NK62 FKG and 6082 NK62 FLF at Winlaton while Hexham have 6075 NK62 FDN, 6076 NK62 FEU, 6077 NK62 FGJ, 6078 NK62 FHE, 6079 NK62 FHY and 6080 NK62 FJE. Only 6083 remains outstanding. Volvo B7TL / Wright Gemini 3942 NK05 GZP is also branded for service 10. This has displaced Mercedes Citaro’s 5310 NK08 MXY, 5311 NK08 MXZ, 5314 NK08 MYC, 5315 NK08 MYD, 5316 NK08 MYF, 5317 NK08 MYG, 5318 NK08 MZV, 5319 NK08 MZW, 5328 BJ10 VUN, 5329 BJ10 VUO, 5330 BJ10 VUP and 5332 BJ10 VUS to Gateshead for Crusader service 27. In turn, this move has freed up Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown’s onto other services with 4837 R837 PRG, 4838 R838 PRG, 4839 R839 PRG, 4840 340 GUP and 4841 R841 PRG moving to Winlaton while 4844 R844 PRG, 4847 R847 PRG, 4848 R848 PRG, 4849 R849 PRG are at Stanley. Of these, 4837 and 4838 have been repainted red and are branded Northern along with similar Renown 5165 T815 CBW.



Stagecoach North East

Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 27507 NK05 JXF is the second to be painted into the Stagecoach style livery without orange swoops. 27506 is pictured below.


Dales and District

New is Wright Streetlite MX62 GUG.


Dennis MPD YT51 DZY has been repainted into standard livery.

Jim Hughes

Acquired are Mercedes Touro’s BX06 UMC and BX06 UMJ and Volvo B10M / Plaxton Premiere YSV 815.


Not previously reported is Dennis Trident / Alexander ALX400 238 V178 MEV has been repainted green and has received Auto Panels adverts.

Low Fell Travel

Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointers W208DNO and V383 SVV have been acquired and are still wearing vinyls for Central Connect.

Pygalls Coaches

Acquired is Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine R395 LGH.

Tees Valley Stagecarriage

Acquired is DAF SB220 / Alexander ALX300 S467 GUB.



  1. Are any new13 reg plate buses going to ashington because I am sick of riding on rusty recks I hope there will be double deckers or a mixture

    • Hi,
      The new hybrid Gemini’s are all going to be based at Blyth so there will not be any brand new buses at Ashington. However, it is possible that other vehicles will be transferred due to the new arrivals so Ashington may still benefit.


  2. Man I was hopping for new buses because the newest buses single dockers are 05 reg and double dockers 09 that’s all

  3. Does anyone know what’s happened to w295 ppt bus it has just gone

  4. Has the nk53 hja bus moved to. Blyth because I saw it on the 2 bus to blyth

    • I haven’t heard of this yet but quite possibly as there are a lot of movements occurring over the next couple of weeks.


  5. The v723 dnl bus has departed for scrap and so has l211 kef

  6. I have seen the nk05 gwc/g/v buses and others have been delivered

  7. Mind I have seen some sight but seeing r458 kwt and r459 kwt bus on the x18 bus to Berwick comes a bit of a shock when I was standing at the train station waiting for the x18

  8. I have heard that there are w- xkx buses moving to blyth

  9. The w397 vgj bus is at ashington and it has been on 35 bus to morpeth for the whole time it has been here

  10. Y482 ugc bus is at ashington to yeeeepeee

  11. X437 fgp and w401 vgj bus is at ashington

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