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26/03/13 Event: Weardale Enthusiasts Tour

The 23rd March saw an enthusiasts tour held visiting Weardale Motor Services depots at Crook, Stanhope and Consett. The day began at 10:30 from Durham Railway Station with Volvo B10M / Plaxton Paramount GIB 8666 providing transport to Crook depot and was then used between depots during the day. While at the depots various Olympians were used in service along with the opportunity to see the diverse Weardale fleet. Originally it was planned to utilise the historic vehicles within the Weardale fleet including Leyland Leopard / Plaxton Supreme OGR 625T and Leyland Titan PD2 / Roe YUP 6 but unfortunately due to the weather this was not possible. However, Weardale provided a sterling effort by displaying many vehicles outside for photographic purposes with one of the highlights being Leyland Leopard / Alexander AY 6249 UP which was moved outside the Consett depot. Below are some photos from the day:

GIB 8666

OGR 625T

6249 UP

More Photos at Northern Transport Photos



  1. Hi Keiron/Matthew

    For an update, Go North East 3886 has been stripped of Say Yes Now colours, and is just a plain red bus, to my extent of knowledge.


    • To Marcus,

      Thanks for that, it will be included in a subsequent update.


  2. Hi Keiron/Matthew

    For something else to add, 3803 is becoming more and more closer to prime suspect of the new key mobile app lolyne.


    • I certainly wouldn’t be suprised if it was, gne are keen to get more and more buses advertising the key card

      • Saw 8236 today on the 71, it hasn’t seen service in almost a month. I noticed when queuing for it on Saturday that it has had a slight livery change, with more small print added under the key mobile logo.


  3. To Keiron/Matthew/Dan

    3886 on Scholars 886 tonight, now in full repainted northern livery with the new treatment applied. I was hoping it would join 3803 in the new key mobile or would become the so called ‘festval bus’.

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