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26/04/13 News Update

Arriva North East

Alexander Dennis Enviro 400’s 7514 NK09 FMZ and 7515 NK09 FNA have transferred to Ashington allowing Enviro 400’s 7501 NK57 DXX, 7502 NK57 DXY, 7503 NK57 DXZ and 7504 NK57 DYA to transfer to Whitby. These arrivals at Whitby have led to Scania OmniCity’s 4652 NK05 GXF, 4653 NK05 GXG, 4658 NK05 GXN and 4659 NK05 GXO transferring to Darlington. Dennis MPD’s 1793 W166 PNT and 1794 W631 RNP have been moved into the reserve fleet while DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4024 R424 RPY has moved to Redcar. United branded Volvo B7TL / Alexander Dennis ALX400’s 7445 NK05 GWX and 7446 NK05 GWY have returned to Jesmond and Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown’s 4509 V509 DFT and 4513 V513 DFT have moved to Ashington. Dennis MPD 1772 NK05 GWO has moved to Stockton, DAF SB220 / Alexander ALX300 4098 R459 KWT has moved to Redcar and DAF DB250 / Alexander ALX400 7459 T306 FGN, 7460 T307 FGN, 7461 T308 FGN, 7462 T309 FGN, 7463 T310 FGN and 7464 T311 FGN have moved to Durham along with VDL DB300 / Wright Gemini 2 7620 NK61 EBL. DAF DB250 / East Lancs Lowlander 7439 Y689 EBR and 7440 Y690 EBR have moved to Ashington while VDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 1411 NK09 BRF, 1412 NK09 BRV, 1413 NK09 BRX, 1414 NK09 BPZ, 1482 NK61 CYV, 1499 NK12 FFL and 1500 NK12 FLM have transferred to Jesmond. Many vehicles have been withdrawn after these moves including Dennis MPD’s 1701 T701 RCN, 1705 V705 DNL, 1710 V710 DNL, DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4008 P10 LPG, Scania N113DRB / East Lancs E-Type 7261 M172 GRY, 7262 M176 GRY, 7263 N162 VVO, 7264 N164 VVO, 7265 N160 VVO and 7266 N163 VVO. However, some of the Scania N113DRB remain in service at present despite the rest of the transfers taking place. A sum of new vehicles have also been delivered in the past month including MAN EcoCity 4801 NK13 CFD, 4802 NK13 CFE, 4803 NK13 CFF, 4804 NK13 CFG, 4805 NK13 CFJ, 4806 NK13 CFL, 4807 NK13 CFM, 4808 NK13 CFN, 4809 NK13 CFO, 4810 NK13 CFP and 4811 NK13 CFU which are all based at Darlington. Blyth have received a batch of new Volvo B5LH / Wright Gemini 2’s for service 308 which are 7801 NK13 AZA, 7802 NK13 AZB, 7803 NK13 AZC, 7804 NK13 AZD, 7805 NK13 AZF, 7806 NK13 AZG, 7807 NK13 AZJ, 7808 NK13 AZL, 7809 NK13 AZN and 7810 NK13 AZO. Dennis MPD 1759 NK53 VKA has been painted orange for use on the Whitby Sainsbury’s services while Optare Solos 2854 YJ59 GJV, 2855 YJ59 GJX and 2860 NK59 GKE are the first of the Park and Ride batch to receive an advertising livery for Lindisfarne Gospels.




Go North East

Mercedes Citaro’s 5310 NK08 MXY, 5311 NK08 MXZ, 5312 NK08 MYA, 5313 NK08 MYB, 5314 NK08 MYC, 5315 NK08 MYD, 5316 NK08 MYF, 5317 NK08 MYG, 5318 NK08 MZV, 5319 NK08 MZW, 5328 BJ10 VUN, 5329 BJ10 VUO, 5330 BJ10 VUP and 5332 BJ10 VUS have all now gained vinyls at Gateshead for Crusader service 27. This has displaced Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renowns 4906 W906 RBB, 4907 W907 RBB, 4908 W908 RBB, 4909 W909 RBB for new ‘Wear Tees Xpress’ service X7. Similar B10BLE 4841 R841 PRG is in Toon Link livery and is now based at Winlaton along with 4846 R846 PRG which is now in Northern livery. In turn this has displaced 4837 R837 PRG to Chester le Street, 5164 T814 CBW and 5165 T815 CBW to Percy Main, Dennis SPD 8239 NK51 MKN, to Chester le Street 8240 NK51 MKO to Deptford and 8126 V216 ERG to Washington. Scania OmniCity’s 5243 NK56 KHM, 5244 NK56 KHO, 5256 NK56 KHP and 5257 NK56 HKR have been branded Cobalt Connect for service 19. Also branded this month are Scania L94UA / Wright Solar’s 4950 NK51 OLR, 4951 NK51 OLT, 4952 NK51 OLU and 4953 NK51 OLV for Great Park service X40, competing directly with Arriva’s service X40. On demonstration is Wright Streetlite 9132 LK13 AEJ which is currently being used on Citylink service 58 as a possible replacement to the unreliable articulated Mercedes Citaro’s.


Stagecoach North East

Delivery has now began of Dennis Trident / Alexander ALX400’s from Hull with 17025 S825 BWC and 17026 S826 BWC the first to arrive. A further 8 will soon arrive at Stockton and will see the present Volvo Olympians withdrawn. Euro 6 engined Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 10000 MX12 EOC has arrived for long term loan from Stagecoach Manchester. Alexander Dennis Enviro 300’s 27506 NK05 JXE, 27507 NK05 JXF, 27508 NK05 GXG, 27509 NK05 JXH and 27510 NK05 JXJ have been painted into a revised Metrocentre livery for service 100.


Compass Community Transport

Acquired are DAF SB120 / Wright Cadet’s YJ53 VEB and YJ04 BZD with both painted white and carrying Compass vinyls.

Croft Coach Travel

Optare Solo W959 PAU has been repainted into standard livery of purple and white.

Leven Valley

Acquired is Dennis Dart / Alexander ALX200 Y10 DPC.

The Eden

A further Mercedes Vario / Plaxton Beaver acquired is P534 PNE.

Tyne Valley Coaches

Acquired is Volvo B6BLE / Wright Crusader X62 CHJ.



  1. To Keiron/Matthew

    If you wanted to add something for the next update, 3964 is the new festival bus, today it was on the 24 and 3886 is in full northern livery with new treatment applied, today it was on the X22.


    • Hi Marcus,

      This will be included in the next update as I just found it had been branded after the update has been published. Hopefully the website will begin to be updated on a more regular basis again now!


  2. To Matthew

    Okee Dokey, I travel on the bus on a regular basis, not a day goes by without me getting on a bus and I travel just about anywhere but mainly the metrocentre. I was about to board the X21 with 3887 at Gateshead when the festival bus caught my eye and I thought it would be good to investigate further.


  3. Just to let you know there is an odd alexander trident going around in the north east it was at ashington don’t know where it has gone now reg is w367 vgj ex london

  4. I read this bit of information in buses magaziene and i thought that you might be interested, GNE are due 11 new Merc Benz Citaros in early summer for the metrolink and it does make me wonder what will happen to the solars currently used on the route .

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