Posted by: SB Websites | May 10, 2014

10/05/14 Event: Teesside Running Day

The 500 Group once again hosted the annual Teesside Vintage Bus Running Day with various vintage (aswell as a few modern vehicles) operating around the Stockton and Middlesbrough areas. The rally site itself is situated next to the transporter bridge and saw a good turnout of vehicles operating on five main services. All of these services operated hourly, combining a bus roughly every 15 minutes including service 0, 42, 11 which all operates different ways between the Transporter bridge, Middlesbrough and Stockton. A slightly longer service was the X19 which operated four times during the day from the Transporter bridge to Stockton and Yarm, doing a similar journey to the hourly 47 albeit this also went to Middlesbrough. Aswell as this, two excursions operated throughout the day including the ‘S’ service to Seamer operated by Dennis Loline JDC599 and the Country Excursion giving a tour of Teesside as far as Great Ayton operated by Bristol LS6G / Eastern Coachworks 304 GHN. One of the most popular vehicles throughout the day was Stagecarriage’s recently acquired Dennis Condor / Duple Metsec G303 FWC which did a number of journeys,  along with a few other vehicles as shown below:


JDC 599

JDC 544L

LFS 296F


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